Do you want to access geo-restricted websites while browsing with your favorite browser? Here are the options you have for hiding IP Opera:

1. Web proxies

Hide IP Opera Browser

This is the simplest way to hide your IP from any browser you use (including Opera). A web proxy is basically a site that works as an intermediate between you and the site you want to see/access. The key point is that the site you access does not see your IP as the calling source, but the web proxy.

You can find a lot of web proxies on sites like What you have to do is to access such a proxy, type in your desired URL and press Go/Submit. To be sure that it does change your IP, you can first type and see the IP and location of the proxy.

Usually, these are used to unblock sites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, but they are also useful for posting on forums or other such activities.

The main disadvantage of web proxies is that they have a short life and get banned, so you have to permanently look for fresh proxies. Also, make sure read the following post: Risks of using a proxy site.

Here are some old posts that list web proxies:

2. Use open proxies

There are a lot of sites that list open proxies you can use to hide your IP. An open proxy is a proxy with an address xx.xx.xx.xx: port that can be used as an intermediate between you and the site you want to see (the same mechanism as for web proxies).

What you have to do is to go to a site like, choose a proxy and then setup up your browser (Opera) to use that proxy. Further, here is what you have to do: Configure Opera to use a proxy.

3. OperaTor

You can try using OperaTor, a bundle that combines Opera browser, Tor and Privoxy. But, OperaTor will not only hide your IP. It will leave no tracks about your online activities (as every browser does). Also, Torfox may be an alternative.

4. Use hide IP Opera software

There are a lot of hide IP software on the market. The main advantage of such software is they make it easier. You don’t have you look for new and working (web) proxies and configure your browser. They do these tasks for you. If you are interested to try, you can take a look at our recommended list or reading others post I published on such software:

Important! Most of these products automatically change settings for IE and Firefox. For Opera, it may be necessary to make some additional settings.

5. VPN services

The most secure way to hide IP Opera is by using a VPN service. VPNs offer a high level of encryption and superior speed. Also, premium VPN providers offer many server locations (take for example HideMyAss, ibVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, NordVPN).

Here are some lists of VPN providers:

6. Hide IP Opera Add-ons

Another good option for masking your IP on Opera is by using a proxy add-on. Simply go to Opera add-ons store and type proxy. Thus, you will get several results including ibVPN, the extension that I recommend.

Extra: how to use Opera Private Browsing mode and surf privately using Opera

The Private Browsing feature allows you to surf the web privately without leaving any trace of the websites you have visited. It’s useful when you are surfing using a public computer, do online banking, surf sites that you want to hide from other people.

How to surf privately using Opera

Opera’s private browsing support both private tabs and private windows.

Open a private tab: right-click the “+” icon on the tab bar, then select New Private Tab. The private tab got a lock like an icon on the right side of the tab icon. Any browser activity within the tab is private.

Opera Private Tab

Open a private window: Click on the File menu, then select New Private Window. The private window is red-colored. Any tab opened in the private window is a private tab.

Opera Private Window

Private browsing is the feature you can find on every modern web browser nowadays. But the Private Tab in Opera, which allows opening a site privately in normal browsing mode, is not found in other browsers.

Important! Remember that private mode does not hide your IP address, it only erases your browsing history! In order to hide your IP address, you need to use a proxy or a VPN solution that works with Opera (as explained to the beginning of the article). Such services create a private tunnel between your computer and the proxy / VPN servers. Thus, your online activity is hidden. Enjoy!