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Update: Torfox project looks abandoned. All links including the download links are unavailable. You should look for other hide IP tools.

Tor is one of the top technologies when it comes to anonymity. Due to its architecture, Tor provides (almost) total privacy. And the best thing is that it’s free! Not only by individual users but also by third-party tools. Torfox is one of these applications that use Tor to provide anonymous browsing.

Torfox - Anonymous Browser

Torfox is, as described on the home site, a simple secure portable open source browser based on The Tor Project and Mozilla Foundation technologies. In short: an anonymous browser which allows users to browse web pages hiding their IP address and other parameters which may be used to identify user data.

The installation is very simple: go to Tor fox site, download the file (.exe, .zip or .sha1), install it and you are ready to browse anonymously. Below are screenshots of this nice hide IP tool.

Torfox in action

Anonymous surfing with ZERO configuration:

Torfox configuration

Different branding doesn’t affect original Firefox installs:

Torfox install

The browser never connects directly to the internet:

Torfox connect

Pros and Cons of Torfox

Torfox has the same pros and cons as Tor has plus several more:


  • It’s free!
  • It does change your IP address.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Familiar look as it is based on Firefox.
  • Can be also downloaded as a ZIP file and extracted to a USB drive for a portable version that works anywhere without installation.



This anonymous browser looks like a tool that still needs some work done and it will probably be fully functional after a few more months. But, as it is free and it comes from a reliable source, it worth trying.

Have downloaded it and used it? What do you think of it?

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  • V.C Aug 22, 2009

    It’s perfect!!!
    I don’t want to use hide ip tool
    But with this one, i want to try 🙂

  • HideIP Admin Aug 22, 2009

    @V.C – Great! It’s nice to have such a tool around even if you are not looking for online anonymity.

  • V.C Aug 22, 2009

    I got some problems with this tool:
    1. It doesn’t support Javascript
    2. I couldn’t change the option, it’s unchangeable.
    I was very impressed with this browser. It’s quick and hide IP well. I’m waiting for the update.

  • HideIP Admin Aug 23, 2009

    @V.C – To enable JavaScript go to Tools -> Options -> Content tab -> check Enable Javascript and Enable Java.

  • Gotrek Aug 27, 2009

    Installed it but it simply won’t connect. maybe I’m missing something but since I can’t get it to work I guess I’ll give it a miss.

  • daniel Aug 27, 2009

    @Gotrek – I don’t think you are missing anything. It should connect without problems. Maybe Tor is not working properly at this moment. You should try again later.

  • HideIP Admin Aug 27, 2009

    @Gotrek – Daniel is right. There is no trick to install and run Torfox.

    The problem is that Tor seems to run quite slow these days.

  • Gotrek Aug 27, 2009

    Ok, thanks, I’ll try it again later. I realise it’s gonna be a bit slower but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with it.

  • Gotrek Aug 27, 2009

    tried several times through the day, uninstalled and reinstalled, but simply won’t connect. Maybe it’s my ISP or my router, I dunno but it doesn’t seem to work for me at all.
    Shame that, seemed like just what I wanted.

  • HideIP Admin Aug 28, 2009

    @Gotrek – Hmm, maybe your ISP some how blocks Tor.

    I’m sorry that it does not work for you …

  • Gotrek Aug 28, 2009

    Never mind, I’ll see what else might work for me. Thanks anyway.

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