Did you know that Sony can track your location using your PS3 console while connected to the Internet? What can you do to counter this intrusion of privacy? Learn how to configure a PS3 proxy server and hide your real IP address.

PS3 Proxy Servers Configuration – While it is not possible to connect your PS3 directly to a VPN service, it is, however, possible to set up and configure a proxy server to work. This is usually set up, not on the PS3 system directly, but on a computer that is connected to the same network as your PS3 console.  After making the configurations on your computer, you can then configure the PS3 to the user the proxy server. Next, you will be able to do just about everything else in a normal configuration mode.

How to get a PS3 proxy server

PS3 proxy server setupFirstly, you need a proxy server. You may find free ones by taking a search on Google or by checking proxy lists, but, if you are serious about your privacy, I recommend subscribing to a premium proxy service or a VPN service that also offers proxies. Find both such services on our hide IP tools page.

Set up a proxy on your computer

Set up the proxy server service on your computer and ensure that it is working. If the proxy server is not running and working on your computer it will likely not work on your PS3. You will need to take note of the correct IP address used.  Next, the proxy port which will be used when configuring the PS3 console.

Set up the PS3 proxy server

Next, connect your PS3 to the network and go to “Settings” “Network Settings” and select the “Proxy Server” or similar designation that you plan to use for this connection. Press the X button to use this network connection.

Enter the IP address and the proxy port you noted previously when the Address field comes up. In most cases, the Proxy port will usually be “6588” for a Windows system and “8080” for a Mac. Ensure though that you enter the number that you collected when setting up your computer. Leave the UPNP setting unchanged.

Confirm a summary of the connection details after clicking on “Next” and then proceed to test the connection to see if it works. Pressing the X button will attempt to connect the PS3 system to the Internet. If the connection test is successful, the PS3 system will display a message saying that it has obtained an IP address and is now connected.

Check your new IP location

Go to your web browser on your PlayStation system and using a location checker like this one. Your location should now be different from your actual location.

Start playing!

You can now log into the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, and Chat or Play games online just like you would in a normal setting, only this time you cannot be tracked by your location.

Do you know good PS3 proxy servers? Fill free to share them in the comments below.