Many of the sites with great content that we read about every day on the net are not available for users outside the US. Why is that? The short answer: licensing constraints. These sites are allowed to distribute their content only to American citizens. There are plenty of examples: Hulu, NBC, Fox, etc. Learn how to unlock Pandora.

What is Pandora?

Pandora is a music streaming operated by Pandora Media.  The service plays musical selections based on the user’s artist selection. The service can be accessed using a web browser or dedicated apps for your laptop or mobile device.

It is available only in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Why unlock Pandora from outside the US?

If you are located or traveling outside the US, Australia or New Zealand you may want to access Pandora, your favorite music streaming channel. It provides access to great song selections.

Access Pandora from Europe or Asia

The good news is that some of these sites can be unlocked for the users that live or travel outside the US. Further, let’s take a look now at Pandora, the well-known Internet Radio. If you try to access Pandora from Europe, for example, you get the following message:

Unlock Pandora

How to unlock Pandora

The solution is very simple: change your IP to a US IP address and you are in! Pandora is not as advanced as Hulu that is able to detect proxies and blocks IPs used by the most common hide IP applications, so you won’t have problems in finding a working solution.

Finally, I have compiled a list of 13 of the best tools that are able to make Pandora available anywhere in the world (access Pandora in Europe or Asia). Firstly, you’ll have to change the IP address with one of the products and then access Pandora. It should work smoothly.

VPN services (the best way to unlock Pandora)

1. NordVPN
2. ibVPN 
3. Hotspot Shield
4. PureVPN
6. IPVanish
7. ExpressVPN
8. PrivateInternetAccess

Hide IP desktop applications

9. Ultrasurf
10. Tor
11. Hide My IP

Chrome extensions

12. ibVPN
13. HideMyAss! Web Proxy

Get Pandora to work on your iPhone even if you’re in Canada

If you just recently acquired an Apple iPhone, you will notice that one of the most recommended music apps you can get from the Apple App Store is Pandora. But there’s an issue, what exactly is it? It is solely available from the US App Store and will function only if you are situated in the US. Learn how to unblock Pandora iPhone.

You still have access to this music app and use it even while you are in Canada or any other country! What you need is a VPN subscription and a US iTunes account. So, let us begin.

Here are the easy to follow steps in getting Pandora to work even if you are in Canada, or outside the US:

Download Pandora app

First, download Pandora by creating your own US iTunes account. You can check our other blog post here on how to create a US iTunes account with a prepaid credit card.

As soon as you have successfully created your US iTunes account, download Pandora music app from the US App Store.

Get a VPN account

Second, get your own VPN account; here are some providers you can choose from HideMyAss, ibVPN, or NordVPN.

Once you have your subscription ready, set up your VPN on your iPhone.

Get started with Pandora on your iPhone

At this juncture, when you have your Pandora music app downloaded, activate your VPN on your iPhone device. Soon after you are connected to the Web, launch the music app, and you are good to go (even if you are in Canada, or wherever outside the USA)!

Your account will expire once you are hooked up on the 3G connection, however, you will remain connected if you are using your Wi-Fi connectivity. While on 3G, as your VPN turns off Pandora you will view a message prompt saying ‘Cannot connect.’ Nonetheless, it will continue playing music as it puts on hold the original connection right up until you finally exit the app.

Bear in mind that you will not have access to on-screen controls, yet as you utilize your iPhone headphones, you will have them. So, double-tapping the mic icon will let you skip and pause tracks you are listening to. Pandora will proceed to run in the background at the same time.

By making use of the iPhone VPN services, you can very well experiment with various other US-based IP required apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Do you know other tools to unlock Pandora? Share them in the comments below!