Hide IP Firefox

This post shows how to hide your IP address in Firefox browser. 

The configuration is similar for all Firefox browser versions. So, if you have read one of my previous posts, you already know how to do it. For those who don’t, here are the steps…

Check your IP

Firstly, go to XMyIP.com and check your real IP address and location.

Find a good proxy

Then, you have to find a proxy server (IP: port).  For example, you can choose one from SamAir.ru or Xroxy.com. You are probably interested in changing your country, but you also must be careful to select a high anonymous proxy.

Setup the proxy in Firefox

After you have chosen the proxy, you can start configuring your Firefox browser.

Here is what you have to do next:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Go to Tools -> Options…

    Firefox 3.0
  3. Choose the Network tab and press Settings buttonFirefox 3.0 Internet Config
  4. In the Connection Settings window, check Manual proxy configuration:Fill in proxy info
  5. In the same window, fill in the HTTP Proxy and the Port took from the above proxy list (e.g., 6588 where the IP address of the proxy is and the port is 6588) (take a look to the previous picture).
  6. Press Ok and then Ok again and you are done.

Once you completed the setup, go to XMyIP.com and check your new IP address. You can now browse anonymously using Firefox.

Important! Do not forget to change your Connection Settings from Manual proxy configuration to Direct connection to the internet, after you are done with your activities under hidden IP.

Hide IP Firefox using VPN

Other solutions to hide your IP is by using a VPN service or installing Firefox add-ons. A VPN not only protects your IP while using Firefox, but it also encrypts and changes the visible IP for all application you are running like BitTorrent client, email app, games.

A significant advantage is that the configuration is “less manual.” Most of the VPN providers have one-click connect apps that do not require manual setup.

The VPN providers that I usually recommend due to their quality and support are ExpressVPN, ibVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, HideMyAss.

Happy Surfing!