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If you live in a country that has tremendous Internet censorship, you are missing much of the information that is available. There is a way around this problem today which is the UltraSurf created by UltraReach Internet Corp.

While using the UltraSurf, you will be able to view all websites just like everyone else that uses the regular Internet Explorer browser. While you are browsing, the UltraReach is continually searching for the highest speed proxy servers without you even realizing the work it is doing behind the scenes.

What is Ultrasurf?

The UltraSurf is a proxy application that connects to proxy servers and hides your public IP address. Along with this, you will not have any annoying ads or annoying pop-ups.

What is UltraSurf

Now, that you know what the UltraSurf is you are probably wondering what it means. As an Internet user, Ultrasurf allows you to have online freedom, bypass Internet censorship, and get your hands on the information available online (including the one that is geo-restricted).

No matter if you are at work or school you will be able to bypass the firewalls that are put there to ensure you do not visit websites your company or school do not want you to view. You may not realize this, but many companies and universities block access to various social sites, thus stopping your freedom. With this tool, you will be able to browse all the social websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, and Linkedin to name a few of the most popular.

How to install Ultrasurf

Here is what you have to do to install Ultrasurf on Windows operating system:

  1. Download UltraSurf from UltraReach site.
  2. Save the u.zip file somewhere on your computer.
  3. Unzip u.zip file
  4. Run u.exe
  5. You can switch between 3 proxy gateways to choose the fastest one.
  6. Go to XMyIP.com and check your new IP.
  7. When you need to return to your real IP just Exit.

Also, you may install the UltraSurf Chrome extension from here. Thus, you may use Ultrasurf on your Mac or Linux system as well.

How to Configure Firefox to work with Ultrasurf

One of the few downsides of Ultrasurf is that it does not automatically configure Firefox.

If you want to browse using Firefox and being anonymized by Ultrasurf you have 2 options:

  • Install the GProxy Firefox add-on.
  • Manually configure Firefox to use Ultrasurf servers/proxy.

The Firefox problem

One of the few problems of UltraSurf is that when used it does not automatically change the proxy settings for Firefox. This means that it does not change your IP address when browsing with Firefox. You have to change these settings manually. Not very convenient, isn’t it?

To solve this problem, a Firefox add-on is available for download that does exactly this: changes the proxy settings when using UltraSurf. The plugin lets you enable and disable the tool on the bottom bar of the browser. You still need to have the application running, but at least you don’t have to change the proxy settings every time you want to use/ stop using it.

GProxy Firefox Plugin

Here is what you have to do to make it work:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Download the GProxy Firefox add-on. that allows the configuration of the Ultrasurf proxy.
  3. Open the add-on.
  4. Choose Ultrasurf.

Firefox Ultrasurf - GProxy addon

Manual configure Firefox Ultrasurf

The manual configuration is very simple and requires no special tech skills. Here are the steps you have to perform:

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Go to Tools -> Options…

    Ultrasurf Manual Setup Firefox - Tools
  3. Choose the Network tab and press Settings buttonUltrasurf Manual Config - Connection - Settings
  4. In the Connection Settings window, check Manual proxy configuration:Ultrasurf Manual Config - Proxy and Port
  5. In the same window, fill in the HTTP Proxy and the Port taken with the following values: as HTTP Proxy and 9666 as Port (take a look at the picture above).
  6. Press Ok and then Ok again.
  7. Start Ultrasurf (if it is running you see a locker on the bottom-right side of the screen). Ultrasurf Manual Config - Connected
  8. Go to XMyIP.com and check your IP address. It should show one of the IP addresses used by Ultrasurf. You can now browse anonymously.

What does this do?

You are probably asking yourself what exactly you just did. The explanation is simple. Ultrasurf works as a proxy for many apps including browsers like Internet Explorer. But, you need to configure Firefox Ultrasurf in order to make the browser use the Ultrasurf proxy. Thus, Firefox will redirect all the Internet traffic through port 9666 used by Ultrasurf on the local machine,


Do not forget to change your Connection Settings from Manual proxy configuration to Direct connection to the internet, after you exit the proxy app. If you don’t, you won’t be able to browse using Firefox as the Internet traffic will continue to be redirected through the local machine proxy.

Ultrasurf Pros & Cons

I have compiled a list of pros and cons in order to compare UltraSurf to other hide IP tools:


  • It is free!
  • It hides your IP address
  • Very simple and easy to use interface, very suitable for beginners. No user guide needed.
  • It includes delete browser history and deletes cookies features
  • It provides fast proxies.
  • You may use the Ultrasurf Chrome extension on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.


  • The proxies are from the US only
  • The interface is available only in English.

Will UltraSurf influence my firewall protection?

Here is an interesting question I have received yesterday on the Ask Us page.

Q: I want to surf anonymously from my home computer. I live in The Netherlands, so do not have a government firewall to contend with. I just do not want my ISP or the likes of Google to see which sites I visit.

I have Comodo firewall installed.

Can I use UltraSurf (from ultrareach.com), or will it influence my firewall protection against malware negatively?

A: Is hiding my IP address affecting the firewall protection? The answer is simple: NO.

UltraSurf, as other hide IP products, offers proxies that act as an intermediate between you and the site you visit. The firewall is not bypassed in any way by using such software. So you can continue using UltraSurf without worrying about malware.

Q: Can I use Ultrasurf if the port 9666 is locked?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to run it if port 9666 is blocked. This port is used by Ultrasurf to connect to the Ultrareach servers and re-route your traffic.

As mentioned in the Ultrasurf Faq / Question 11, in the future versions it will be possible to change the port from 9666 to a various port number overcoming this problem, but this is not possible in the current version (9.4).

How UltraSurf gets blocked

Symantec has published an article explaining how to block UltraSurf using Symantec Endpoint Protection. This is done based on the fingerprints that UltraSurf leaves.

Ultrasurf can be identified when attempting to start or while running using several finger prints.  Every version of Ultrasurf has a certain finger print. These are used by Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to block the Ultrasurf process. Below you can see the different fingerprints for the Ultrasurf variants available in the web (as they are listed by Symantec):

1. UltraSurf 9.4 (.exe)
md5: 11bc744801b516d0b84fba5850ec8789
2. UltraSurf 9.4(.zip)
md5: 8aed5412df0f621e399c78a7f408c6fb
3. UltraSurf 9.2 (.exe)
4. UltraSurf 8.9 (.exe)
5. UltraSurf 8.8 (.exe)
6. Firefox add-on (.zip)
md5: 6ce151b1b0ef8430031a8e9a69f38806

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) can be used to block certain applications. These finger prints are exactly what SEP needs to identify a process and terminate it. For more details on the settings need to block Ultrasurf check the Symantec article.

Ultrasurf blocked - Symantec

Is Ultrasurf a trojan?

One of the readers of this article signaled that the tool is seen as a Trojan by McAfee anti-virus. At first, I thought it must be a mistake. Then, after a little bit of research, I start thinking that UltraSurf may be indeed a threat.

Ultrasurf and McAfee

Here is the page from the McAfee database that describes it as a threat:

Ultrasurf Trojan

This means that McAfee sees Ultrasurf as a trojan to your computer and tries to delete it.

More info about why it is seen as virus/trojan/threat I found here [page not available anymore], on ThreatExpert.com. According to them:

  • Produces outbound traffic (on port 443)
  • Opens ports in the system (1033 and 1034)
  • Downloads/requests other files from the Internet

On Trojaner-Board, a user has tested UltraSurf with several anti-virus tools and it seems that it is also seen as a threat by:

  • CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 – (Suspicious) – DNAScan
  • F-Secure 8.0.14332.0 – Backdoor.Win32.Agent.uwi
  • Kaspersky – Backdoor.Win32.Agent.uwi
  • Prevx1 V2 – Malware Downloader

Thus, the app is seen as Generic Backdoor by several anti-virus solutions.

What to do next

You can consider using other hide IP solutions. Here is our list of hiding IP tools.

If you are confident UltraSurf is no threat to your computer and you have McAfee anti-virus installed, you should perform the following steps every time to you what to browse anonymously:

  1. Stop McAfee
  2. Download the file
  3. Start using UltraSurf
  4. When you are done, delete the file and start McAfee.

Also, there are anti-virus tools that allow you to specify a whitelist. If this is the case for McAfee, you should add UltraSurf file to the whitelist.

Developer denies Ultrasurf is malicious

During last months rumors regarding Ultrasurf being a malware got stronger and stronger. Now, a developer from Ultrareach team explained the Ultrasurf strange behavior.

Ultrasurf is a proxy tool that is used to hide the IP address and masks where traffic is being sent to and received from. The main goal of Ultrasurf was to keep the Chinese government’s Internet filters from detecting forbidden communication.

Is Ultrasurf malware?

Lately, Ultrasurf was suspected to be a trojan due to its strange behavior and traffic sent to different locations. On Wilders Security Forum, SteveTX, member of XeroBank team, explained in detail what Ultrasurf does and concluded:

UltraSurf and Gtunnel and likely all products put out by the Global Internet Freedom Consortium / Internet Freedom.org are in fact secret trojans. They give you a 1-hop proxy but use your system to launch attacks against financial institutions, government and energy websites, education, etc. Now here is the scary thing, if you are logged into one of these domains, like your bank, then they can get access to your authenticated session/cookie and potentially break right into your account, THROUGH YOUR OWN COMPUTER.

Last month, at the Black Hat security conference, Kyle Williams, security director of XeroBank, said that UltraSurf automatically attempts to make HTTPS encrypted connections to servers unrelated to the UltraSurf proxy network.

How does it know I got an invalid server if the traffic is really end-to-end encrypted?” Williams says. He also noted these odd behaviors:

  • When the client appears to connect to an IP address within a private network, it probes sequentially close IP addresses as well.
  • When an UltraSurf client seeks a non-existent URL via HTTPS, it receives a response from an UltraSurf server
  • UltraSurf taps a Google Reader RSS feed for updates that Williams interprets as lists of targets for the software to probe.
  • Commercial anti-virus software detects UltraSurf as a Trojan.

David Tian, a scientist for NASA who works spare-time on UltraSurf, addressed each behavior, but the main idea was that UltraSurf does an ever-changing variety of strange things in order to fool the Great Firewall of China. The response from UltraSurf servers to attempts to reach non-existent URLs is due to the proxy network sending back a notification. It proxies all the communication including SSL so any response will be from a proxy.

This is done due to the fact that Chinese authorities monitor UltraSurf carefully and try to identify signatures that can be used to set filters, so the software sends out useless traffic to make noise that makes it difficult to characterize the legitimate traffic.

UltraSurf programmers play a cat-and-mouse game with Chinese censors trying to block its traffic, so the team working on it has to continually alter its methods to adapt to each innovation in the Great Firewall, Tian says. “We have a great understanding of the Great Firewall and how to defeat it.”


To sum up, with the UltraSurf you will have freedom like you deserve to enjoy the internet as many others do that are not regulated by their government, schools, and of course their employer. It is time to fight for your freedom and bypass Internet censorship. Learn all you wish to learn that your government may not wish you knew, meet and make friends at social networking sites, and of course, have the freedom to shop until you drop with the best proxy server on the net.

Update: If Ultrasurf does not work for you, you may try using a premium VPN service like ibVPN, HideMyAss, ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, NordVPN, PureVPN.

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  • David K May 18, 2008

    Ultrasurf does work with other applications…you just need to configure those applications to the proxy of ultrasurf. But anyway…I find Gpass much better. Gpass supports ftp uploads…something ultrasurf does not

  • aswin May 27, 2008

    as david said u can make any application use it.

    jus configure d proxy as
    localhost ( and port 9666 🙂

    gpass uses poprt 8000 by the way..

    hope this helps

  • abas Jul 23, 2008

    hi there
    i was a member on(thailovelinks.com) when i used ultrasurf they maked my profile on that site and never reactive it .cause my PC is hacked by them
    now i want you help me for remove that hackers and reactive my profile there

  • alexande Oct 31, 2008


    Why does mcafee & or (mcafee siteadvisor) says,:

    That (some links to your site end or software) says:
    that your site, (or software), is: UNSAFE???

    Replay please on my mail!!

  • p@r@noid Nov 10, 2008

    I used to use ultra surf, but from the time i got my hand on freegate i started using it..freegate is much faster then ultrasurf,anyways nice share!

  • martin Jan 8, 2009

    no se como hacer para ocultar mi ip con el ultrasurf 9.2 …no se como funciona esto., pero yo abro el programay quiero bajar del rapidshared dos archivos al mismo tiempo, o simplemente uno inmediatamente dsp de haber bajado otro y no me deja por la ip…funciona????”

  • admin Jan 8, 2009

    @martin – Unfortunatly, I don’t know Spanish. So I not able to answer to your question 🙁

  • sabz Jan 12, 2009

    mcafee antivirus say that ultrasurf is trojan and delete it. what should we do?

  • kobby Jan 12, 2009

    Im using ultrasurf but cannot acces facebook,yahoo and other social sities.please help me

  • admin Jan 12, 2009

    @kobby – You should try using a web proxy or other tools like HotSpot Shield or IP Hider.

    Probably, the IPs used by UltraSurf are blocked by those social sites.

  • Siddharth Jan 14, 2009

    I used ultrasurf and its cool……….and fast.
    But I get an error when I log into some websites it says:
    The requested URL could not be retrieved
    Could you please tell me a way to sort this problem.

  • kevil Jan 15, 2009

    me too getting the same error, while i was trying to send a scrap in orkut using ultra surf, i got following error “The requested URL could not be retrieved
    ” along with some text ads.

  • admin Jan 15, 2009

    @kevil – This is strange. I just tried to login to orkut and it worked!

    Please let me know if this error occurs for other sites too.

    Do you have the latest version 9.2?

  • Siddharth Jan 21, 2009

    I have the latest version.

  • max Jan 21, 2009

    *i used to brows with ultrasurf, but of late i dont get high percentage again….. all i get is 3.0% and dont get connected to the internet…

    * plz can i use ultrasurf for my (pocket pc…. model wiza200) or any other browser software that will suit it….

  • admin Jan 26, 2009

    @Siddharth – This is strange. It should work…

  • Garrett Feb 16, 2009

    I was just wondering how to setup mIRC with Ultrasurf, I try all the proxy settings and it still will not work.

    Firewall Support: I’ve tried Server, DCC, and Both
    Protocol: I’ve tried Socks4, Socks5, and Proxy
    Hostname: I’ve tried and localhost
    UserID: blank
    Password: blank
    Port: 9666
    Exception Masks:blank

  • HideIP Admin Feb 17, 2009

    @Garrett – Is it possible that your port 9666 be blocked? Are you at school or at home?

  • Ludachrist Mar 6, 2009

    I’m having the same problem. I dont think that it is anything about the ultrasurf, because i’ve accessed every single blocked site exept youtube.

  • HideIP Admin Mar 7, 2009

    @Ludachrist – Maybe, youtube is blocking IPs used by Ultrasurf. Are you using the latest version?

  • free Mar 9, 2009

    I am having the same problem. I can’t access youtube with ultrasurf. It was working fine until a couple of days.

  • fff Apr 1, 2009

    does ultrasurf work with socks connections? in azureus?

  • CF May 11, 2009

    ULTRASURF IS CONFIRMED MALWARE. I would stay FAR FAR FAR away from it. It contains KNOWN malware, contains code to execute and attach to other processes, and on load US goes out and contacts a number of suspect sites w/o telling you, some being banks, some being govt sites.

    Stick with TOR, or a paid service if you REALLY want to be safe. UltraSurf IS mining data and is executing things in the background and could potentially be a serious hazard to you and your privacy.

    Google ultrasurf + malware to find further proof.

  • tutjoen May 21, 2009

    Couple month ago, ultrasurf 9.4 work fine at my office (use office proxy). But, now I can’t use it cause display “failed connect to server”.
    Do you have an idea about it?
    I heard that BitBlinder can use as same as ultrasurf, do you have the tutorial?

  • HideIP Admin May 21, 2009

    @tutjoen – Hmm, I just checked and it works. It is possible that your firewall settings were changed?

    Regarding BitBlinder, here is an article I’ve posted several days ago: BitBlinder – Anonymous BitTorrent and Private Browsing

  • tutjoen May 24, 2009

    Hmm…Like U said, maybe the firewall is changed, so….I turn off my firewall and the antivirus..but ultrasurf still failed connect to server… Maybe the admin blocked all ultrasurf server

  • HideIP Admin May 24, 2009

    @tutjoen – Yes, that may be the reason. You may try to use NotMyIP. It’s also free.

  • hashi Jun 4, 2009

    i m using U89 but in the top of your web,i see my ip ..!?
    i beleave you becuse only U can help me and will say: what can i doing to using this software on pocket pc!?htc x7500 and used windows mobile!? i cann t fond eny soft to hiden ip from they that filtering evrything about woman and proxy and evry software ..unti-filter!!!infact..evrything..plz help me ,i am very tayaird..sory about my bad english and long masage!
    i waiting for your E_mail or ..tanks & by.

  • HideIP Admin Jun 4, 2009

    @hashi – You could try using a more recent version of Ultrasurf or NotMyIP. For mobile devices I recommend Hotspot Shield.

  • Danka Jun 10, 2009

    Can i use ultrasurf if the port 9666 is locked?

  • HideIP Admin Jun 10, 2009

    @Danka – Unfortunately, you can not. Ultrareach plans to modify UltraSurf to allow manual port configuration (as you can see in their FAQ / Question 11), but it does not exists yet.

  • Danka Jun 10, 2009

    @HideIP Admin – but I need to surf blocked sites!!!notMyIP is able to do this?

  • HideIP Admin Jun 11, 2009

    Yes, NotMyIP is able to do the same things as Ultrasurf.

  • Danka Jun 11, 2009

    @HideIP Admin
    I also tried NotMyIP….the IP changes but I can not browse any site. I connect via office proxy that apparently blocks any attempt to navigate the blocked sites. which may be the reason? can somehow get around the problem?

  • zakx Jun 24, 2009

    how i fix? The requested URL is not supported

  • HideIP Admin Jun 25, 2009

    @zakx – What site are you trying to access?

  • let it free Aug 26, 2009


    Thanks for this post, Ultrasurf is really a great software.
    I wrote a tutorial on it using firefox + foxyproxy to explain how to bypass the Great Firewall in China:


    I have one question: Are we sure Ultrasurf is secure ? For instance can I login to my facebook account using ultrasurf ?
    I know that login to private account while using proxy should not be done because the proxy logs can reveal the account login and password.

    If anybody has an answer regarding ultrasurf security this would be nice.
    Thanks again !

  • david malli Sep 14, 2009

    hello…….i am a n ultra surf user in my college…which has an lan connection can they see our pass words,usernames or they just cant block it…can they see all the matter that we chat in gtlaks and all

  • HideIP Admin Sep 15, 2009

    @david malli – Your college is probably using a keylogging software to monitor all computer activity.

    Unfortunately, Ultrasurf does not help you with this problem, it just hides your IP address and unblocks certain sites.

  • sathya768 Sep 27, 2009

    hi there,
    In my college we have tried Gpass,Freegate,Your freedom, ultrasurf etc .. but none is working. All proxy websites are also blocked .So we could not browse freely for our conivients.In college they are using LINUX SEVER(think version 4). So please help me and tell me how to unblock all the websites…Any one please Help me…

  • HideIP Admin Sep 27, 2009

    @sathya768 – I recommend you try Hotspot Shield if you can install it. It should do the work. Also you could try using web proxies.

  • izhar Nov 9, 2009

    recently cannot connect to server. Why? Status says failed to connect.

  • ADHI Dec 15, 2009


  • skylights Dec 17, 2009

    UltraSurf has been exposed as insidious malware. Read for yourself:


  • Janderik Dec 28, 2009

    @HideIP Admin – do you have a list of the sites that ultrasurf can be used. some sites are not supported.

  • HideIP Admin Dec 29, 2009

    @Janderik – Unfortunately I don’t have such a list and I don’t it exists.

  • bobio Jan 13, 2010

    @Q&A: Will UltraSurf influence my firewall protection against malware negatively? | Post | How to hide ip

    Please help i used ultra surf and when i pressed quit my internet connection stopped working!!! How? and any way to fix it?

  • bobio Jan 13, 2010

    Please help i used ultra surf and when i pressed quit my internet connection stopped working!!! How? and any way to fix it?

    sorry for the second post i am desperate!

  • Phoenix Jan 14, 2010

    Im using ultrasurf in wordpress but when I add and upload the image I get “The requested URL is not supported”. I did not encounter this before, it all changes suddenly. Did all the updates and still with problem. also I cannot send email in gmail using ultrasurf.

  • arash Jan 27, 2010

    The page cannot be found

  • H555 Jun 11, 2010

    Have you been able to solve these problem. If yes send me a message

  • a.f Aug 13, 2010

    hi , i was using ultrasafe for a long time but recently i get this massage when i enter a
    site”the url is not supported” what should i do? that massage appeears most of the time .

  • a.f Aug 13, 2010

    hi , i was using ultrasafe for a long time but recently i get this massage when i enter a
    site”the url is not supported” what should i do? that massage appeears most of the time

  • P. Aug 16, 2010

    my company networks internet connectivity from Europe obviously thru firewalls. I’m in Africa. Changing the IP with notmyip it disconnects staright way my connection. wht can do??

  • Lily Aug 17, 2010

    How do I make my UltraSurf app get to use a different IP address each time it opens?

  • Lily Aug 17, 2010

    @HideIP Admin – How do I make my UltraSurf app get to use a different IP address each time it opens?

  • Mr.Batu Aug 29, 2010

    Good too, it worked great for 9 months. Now I have “An error occured, Ultrasurf must exit. Please restart.” but deleting tmp files didn’t solve the problem.

    ==> Question: in VISTA, where to delete the temp files that cause the error?
    and does anybody know exactly what are these files names/extensions?

  • a.f Aug 30, 2010

    hi.i still have this problem “the url is not supported”,it was ok for just 2 days and then after that i have this notifiction every time i wanna go to that site or similar sites ,what should i do?

  • KYLE Aug 30, 2010

    @a.f – when in doubt throw it out. (uninstall) try something else dont let it get the best of you accept that it doesnt work and look at finding other methods.

  • Lucho Sep 5, 2010

    Spanish anwser for @martin – No tenes que hacer nada, solo abrirlo y ya te oculta el IP. Pero te oculta tu IP, nada mas, osea, que te da uno nuevo que no es el tuyo, no vas a poder bajar 2 archivos desde rapidshare, primero, porque te va a desconectar la primer descarga y segundo porque te da un nuevo IP, distinto al tuyo por el cual redirecciona todo tu trafico (asi es como lo oculta), osea que cuando quieras poner para descargar 2 archivos, al empezar con el segundo va a decirte que ya estas descargando.
    Ademas pensa que seguramente ese mismo IP que te dieron a vos tambien lo esta usando otra gente que usa el mismo programa, por lo tanto si alguna de toda esa otra gente tambien esta bajando algo desde rapidshare o donde sea, no vas a poder descargar ni el primero. Mi recomendacion, un programa muy distinto que hace una cosa muy distinta tambien, el jDownloader, le pones todos los links de una y se encarga solo de ir bajandolos uno a uno.

    Y flaco, este es una pagina en INGLES, podrias al menos haber hecho el esfuerzo de traducirlo. Estaria bueno una copia de lo te que tenes que preguntar en el ingles y en todo caso otra en castellano (por si no estas seguro de haber traducido bien)

    Cheers! (Saludos)

  • Jorge Sep 20, 2010


    Originally Posted By admin@martin – Unfortunatly, I don’t know Spanish. So I not able to answer to your question 🙁

    Here is the translation:
    I do not know how to hide my IP with UltraSurf 9.2, I have no idea how this stuff works but I open the program then I want to download with rapidshare two files at once o just one after the other and does no allow me because of the IP. Does this work??? Thank you

    Original in Spanish “no se como hacer para ocultar mi ip con el ultrasurf 9.2 …no se como funciona esto., pero yo abro el programay quiero bajar del rapidshared dos archivos al mismo tiempo, o simplemente uno inmediatamente dsp de haber bajado otro y no me deja por la ip…funciona????”

  • catman1975 Sep 21, 2010

    I was looking into UltraSurf, but I am always concerned about a hidden virus/trojan, etc from IP software, so I did a search and found the following link:


    Several months after this review of UltraSurf came out, this post is made, however, UltraSurf is still listed in your list of desktop applications. I think the article should be noted and a link to the information on your website suggesting that UltraSurf could have a trojan shown in the original article.

  • HideIP Admin Sep 21, 2010

    @catman1975 – There are many hide ip tools that are listed or seen as threats by anti-virus solutions. That is not a reason to unlist them.

    However, you are right. A note should be inserted in the original articol to warn users of possible threat. Thank you for your suggestion.

  • sergio Oct 19, 2010

    como logro que se conecte al servidor en windows 7 por favor ayudaaaaaaaa

  • Katt Dec 1, 2010

    My place banned from juju.cc

    Can I use for escape the admin? lol have many message waiting me there

  • Aziz Dec 7, 2010

    I’ve just downloaded ultrasurf and hour earlier and it is 10.03 now, BUT it ((((always)))) gives me the: “The requested URL could not be found retrieved” or “The requested URL is not supported”; sometimes after the homepage of the web is opened and sometmes b4 .. so far its been no use to me..

    I use Firefox
    windows Vista
    i tried to access more than one adult website and none opened further than the homepage (if at all it opened)….
    i would really appreciate ur help.. thanks

  • anon Dec 18, 2010

    @HideIP Admin

    I got this message trying to access a porn video site. Does Ultrasurf block porn sites?

  • HideIP Admin Dec 18, 2010

    @anon – As far as I know Ultrasurf does not block anything. It is possible the the site blocks the IPs used by Ultrasurf.

  • W.M. Dec 27, 2010

    I’m getting the error “The requested URL can not be retrived” whenever I try to go to sankakucomplex.com, any idea as to why?

  • jonny Feb 13, 2011

    Webroot Anti-Spyware is blocking both your listed download links for UltraSurf with this warning:

    Webroot has blocked access to a potentially threatening site.

    This Web site is a known source of malware, viruses or spam. Visiting this site will put you at risk and may compromise your identity or privacy.

    Clearly there is an issue here. It’s probably irresponsible to continue to promote them until they convince these large anti-spyware companies that their program isn’t malware. Of course, that would be hard if – as I suspect – it very much is.

  • Zain May 16, 2011

    I want to hide my IP address while surfing. Most of the time it is no problem as I can use a proxy and I have done that. That works fine but when I connect to some Java based chat rooms they can see my IP address anyway. The reason is that the chat client is running on my machine so when the application asks for the address it will give it away no matter if I am using a proxy service or not.

    Is there a way to hide my address with Ultraeasy even when i am using java baed chatrooms ?

  • HideIP Admin May 16, 2011

    @Zain – Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a solution for that. A smart Java application that runs on your computer will be able to identify your real IP.

  • Anon Jun 1, 2011

    Do you know of a trustworthy web-based email company?

  • Andrew Jul 4, 2011


    According to Google Translate, The Message was:

    do not know how to hide my ip with ultrasurf 9.2 … do not know how this works. but I want programay open the two files downloaded from rapidshare at the same time, or simply a DSP immediately turning down the other and not let me by ip … works ????”

  • Frank Jul 30, 2011

    Thanks a lot for this. I can finally browse Pandora and Hulu from the UK

  • Enki Sep 4, 2011

    Seems that the little config tip described on the site to have UltraSurf wortking on FF is also making UltraSurf working on Google Chrome:
    I just went to the advanced options of Chrome, changed the proxy settings to connect via a proxy which address is and port 9667 (UltraSurf 10.17).
    My IP is now “anonamized”.

  • neccccc Sep 15, 2011

    im playing travian and i want to use two account with
    two ip s at the same time can i do that ????

  • jerell Oct 13, 2011

    @HideIP Admin

    sir working ba talaga ito?

  • DaisyDukes Jan 30, 2012

    why does ultrasurf block porn sites?

  • Sophia Sep 12, 2018

    Thanks for sharing great info!
    I am using IPBURGER vpn services and it work great for me

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