What is a MySpace ProxyA MySpace proxy is the name given to a proxy website with the purpose to access MySpace without restrictions. Many unspecified proxies don’t work with MySpace and other social networking websites that need intricate sessions or highly developed scripting.

Myspace was unarguably one of the largest social media websites on the internet. With an Alexa ranking of 6 and millions of users logging on every day, there is fun to be had a meeting and greeting, blogging, looking at pictures and videos, and keeping track of your “best of buddies.”

Myspace lowers productivity

There is a problem with this though. Because, for some reason, many companies believe the use of Myspace in the office lowers productivity, they will block anyone on the inside behind a web filter. Schools employ this to keep naughty kids doing homework, instead of interacting, networking and in general, having fun. The content on Myspace must be too inappropriate for most libraries, despite them taking very low cautions against the real threat to children: pornography. Doesn’t a public access point insist itself be open to the public and allowed to surf all public domains? I guess not.

How to unblock Myspace

Well, there are several ways you can get by this. You can always attempt to hack past your server’s firewall. You can set up a proxy from your work, school or library computer and surf through your computer at home. If you are feeling like taking a risk, you could try to sabotage the filter system or erase the files if you have access to them. Chances are though, that you have no clue how to do any of this and probably don’t want to risk messing with thousands of dollars in equipment and software or face criminal charges.

Now, what is a proxy?

A proxy is a server or a site that permits links to other websites through its website or server. It takes a request from its client and then executes the request on their behalf, returning the reply. These permit network users to link to other resources obliquely and what we can call anonymously or secretly.

Is a MySpace proxy legal?

Some people feel that’s using a proxy is illegal, but using MySpace proxy is not illegal. Unless you are using a proxy server that supports illicit activities, malevolent hacking, or tries to disorder a network in one way or the other. Generally, MySpace proxy server is used in schools or organizations where social networking websites like MySpace are blocked by the authorities.

With such a proxy server “unblocking” MySpace is as easy as directly signing in to your MySpace account. MySpace proxies permit you to surf the Internet anonymously or you can say secretly. So, this means your browser will now only display proxy site’s URL and not the URL of the Website you’re viewing.

Myspace proxies

There is an easy answer to your problem, though! You can use a free web proxy to get past all those filters and log on to your favorite networking website. Basically, using this proxy site is no different then you being in a location where you could normally access Myspace. The information is just transferred through in a way that will bypass the filter and let you get a little relaxed instead of stressed about your next big project. The one downside to using a proxy is that when a filter catches these proxies it will be logged and blocked forever from then on. There are so many proxy sites though, that it would be impossible to block all of them.

A word of caution for all…

Many proxy providers on the internet these days are making fake MySpace proxy servers which steal your personal details and misuse them. Beware of such providers, one thing you must do before using any kind of proxy server or site is carefully going through the details of the server. Also, don’t view your most important or confidential web pages using these proxy servers or sites.

Proxy alternative – How to unblock MySpace using language translation tools

There are ways to unlock access to MySpace if you have been banned or restricted access to it by simply using language translation tools. There are several language translation tools you can use for this and the best ones are from Google and Wordlingo. Many schools and public computers will block access to MySpace leaving you unable to use the website unless you use a method unlawfully to access it. Learn how to unblock MySpace using language translation tools.

The idea is that these tools serve you a translated page of MySpace, hence dumping the network packet filtering and blocking system. Most intelligent translators will be able to tell no translations have been made and the site will appear in English still leaving you with access to MySpace.

Unblock MySpace Using Language Translation Tools

Here is how you can use Google translation to access MySpace:

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en
  2. Write http://www.myspace.com to the Translate a web page toolbox
  3. Set a AnyLanguage to English translation next to the textbox
  4. Press Translate button
  5. Login to MySpace and enjoy 🙂

You can also try using a translator to switch the HTML pages into WAP-Compatible web pages. This will sometimes also work allowing you to view MySpace on a mobile phone or PDA web browser. Using these translation methods can easily result in distorted pages and very bad viewing of the site but if its that or nothing I’m sure it doesn’t matter how distorted it looks.


To conclude I will say that MySpace proxy site or server is a quick way to unblock you and bypass the filters set up in school office & anywhere. It helps you easily unblock MySpace web site and access it. Thus, using MySpace proxy browsing is a very simple technique to view your favorite websites.

Happy Surfing!

Later edit: all selected proxies are now outdated or offline. You may choose other hide IP tools instead of proxies.