What is a MySpace Proxy?

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MySpace ProxyA MySpace proxy is the name given to a proxy website with the purpose to access MySpace without restrictions. Many unspecified proxies don’t work with MySpace and other social networking websites that need intricate sessions or highly developed scripting.

Now, what is a proxy?

A proxy is a server or a site that permits links to other websites through its own website or server. It takes a request from its client and then executes the request on their behalf, returning the reply. These permit network users to link to other resources obliquely and what we can call anonymously or secretly.

Is a MySpace proxy legal?

Some people feel that’s using a proxy is illegal, but using MySpace proxy is not illegal. Unless you are using a proxy server that supports illicit activities, malevolent hacking, or tries to disorder a network in one way or the other. Generally, MySpace proxy server is used in schools or organizations where social networking websites like MySpace are blocked by the authorities.

With such a proxy server “unblocking” MySpace is as easy as directly signing in to your MySpace account. MySpace proxies permit you to surf the Internet anonymously or you can say secretly. So, this means your browser will now only display proxy site’s URL and not the URL of the Website you’re viewing.

Now, where to get these MySpace proxies from. We have gathered more than 100 in a previous post.

A word of caution for all…

Many proxy providers on the internet these days are making fake MySpace proxy servers which steal your personal details and misuse them. Beware of such providers, one thing you must do before using any kind of proxy server or site is carefully going through the details of the server. Also, don’t view your most important or confidential web pages using these proxy servers or sites.


To conclude I will say that MySpace proxy site or server is a quick way to unblock you and bypass the filters set up in school office & anywhere. It helps you easily unblock MySpace web site and access it. Thus, using MySpace proxy browsing is a very simple technique to view your favorite websites.

Happy Surfing!

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