French IP VPNAre you looking for France VPN that allows you to browse using a dedicated or shared French IP VPN address? Do you want to unblock certain sites that are only available for users located in France? For international users, a VPN service provides many benefits including speed, security, and privacy.

What is a French IP address?

As you probably know, every device connected to the Internet uses an IP address to be identified in the large network that forms the World Wide Web, also known as the Internet. Moreover, every ISP (Internet Service Provider) or hosting provider has assigned a range of IP addresses that it distributes to its subscribers. Next, the assignment of an IP block is done geographically, thus, the location of every device connected to the Internet that uses a certain IP address is known with a fair precision.

That is exactly the reasoning behind geo-restrictions imposed by certain sites. Thus, streaming channels like Netflix or Hulu choose to provide content to users located in selected areas or countries. The geo-blocking mechanisms are based on IP address filtering.

A French IP address is an IP that is assigned to an ISP or hosting provider that provides Internet services in France. The most common French IPs have the following format:

  • to
  • to (France Telecom)
  • to (Free SAS)
  • to  (France Telecom)
  • to  (France Telecom)

If you are interested in finding more info regarding the French IP blocks you should check this post.

Why would you need a French IP from your VPN provider?

There are several reasons one could consider when searching for a French IP. Let’s take them one by one.

Protecting online privacy while browsing

While traveling or when accessing the Internet from public places or even at home it is recommended to protect yourself from hackers by encrypting the traffic data that comes and goes to/from your devices. VPN services are doing exactly that and you should always have one at hand.

Why connect to a server in France? Why not to one in the United States or Canada, for example? First of all, you should know that what you win by encrypting the data you lose to the connection speed. And the distance to the server you are connecting to is also important. Thus, if you are located in France you should choose a server that is closed to your location and minimize the speed loss.

Accessing streaming sites that are only available for French users

That is probably the main reason users need a French IP for unblocking sites. There are a lot of streaming channels that are restricted to users located in France. By connecting to a VPN service with french IP the restricted sites are tricked and the access is allowed.

Here are several French restricted channels that can be unblocked by VPNs:

Accessing games or forums restricted to French users

There are game servers or forums that also restrict the access based on the IP address. It may also happen that your IP address got banned and you need a clean one for getting back in the forum or into the game. A French IP VPN server with several servers located in France may be exactly what you need.

List of VPN providers with servers located in France

Finally, you may find below a list of several such France VPN services:

VPN ProviderPrice
ExpressVPNfrom $12.95/month
ibVPNfrom $4.95/month
IPVanishfrom $10/month
NordVPNfrom $10/month
PureVPNfrom $9.95/month
HideMyAssfrom $11.52/month

Do you know other French IP VPN / France IP VPN services that offer FR IP addresses? Feel free to share them in the comments.