VPN autoconnectIn this post, you will learn how to handle VPN connections outages and find VPN providers that offer apps with the VPN autoconnect feature.

We’ve written a lot on this blog with regard to the usefulness of a VPN connection. To sum up, it helps you “hide” behind another IP address while keeping the connection encrypted. This is specifically useful for accessing geo-location-limited online resources like Hulu,  Spotify or some online TV shows. Indeed, VPN is some “secret” weapon for overcoming those geolocation limitations – and they work pretty well.

VPN disconnects – An unpleasant surprise

However, for those experienced VPN users, they have surely noticed that, from time to time, VPN connections are cut-even though your internet connection isn’t. This can lead to the tricky situation since you may still be surfing some restricted online resources, thinking that you are protected behind a VPN- which isn’t the case anymore.

So let’s see first some reasons why those VPN connections can be cut. In fact, there can be multiple reasons to that, here are the most usual ones:

  • You’ve got a bad internet connection between your computer and the VPN tunnel. This may happen if your internet connection isn’t steady enough. One rule of thumb is that, whenever possible, you chose a VPN endpoint that is close enough to your computer. For example, if you live in China, and that you have to choose between a VPN that ends in London or in Los Angeles: chan