My Adventure to Accessing Spotify via a VPN Service

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Spotify is a  music streaming service that it is likely to become highly popular soon. Spotify offers you legal and free access to a huge library of music. All you need to do is create an account and download our streaming music player. Learn how to unblock Spotify from anywhere.

Unblock Spotify

If you are a bit connected to social media (even if you don’t), I’m sure you’ve heard about Spotify – this online music streaming service that is only available for users in Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the US (at least by the time of this writing).

If you’re not in one of those countries, you won’t be able to listen for free to great music (they also have premium accounts, though). That’s too bad, especially when Spotify claims to have 13 million music available for listening,  and we’re not talking about indie artists, they have big guys and gals on their list if we only mention Beyoncé and Coldplay (just had a glance on their home page). Learn how to unblock Spotify.

If you are located in those countries …

So, you know that I am located in a place that is not part of those lucky countries. You are in the same situation too, I guess – otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

But anyway, I’m just thinking that if a VPN can have me pretend that I am in New Jersey, I guess there must be a way that I can tell Spotify that I’m in the US too … So let’s do it.

Unblock Spotify with my US VPN

I launched my VPN client, then I got a US IP address. Now I can create a free Spotify account. So I process, and … oops, I need to get an invitation code. While being a bit skeptical, I applied for being put on the waiting list of people who want to have an invitation to Spotify.

Looking for an invitation

I then browsed the Internet looking for some invitation code that people may have put on forums, but, as you may guess, they are all used-invite that are worthless.

Trying to be a bit smarter, I tweeted if some people would give me a #spotify (please notice the use of the hashtag), I had two unknown people who answered me that they could give me an invite. But the trouble happened when it came to sending the invite as they requested my e-mail address.

I didn’t want to give my e-mail address (well, I could have created a temporary one, but I was a bit lazy doing so), and those guys couldn’t DM me the invite, neither could I DM them as they aren’t following me on twitter – so it was a dead end (well, I could have been a bit insisting, and share a temporary address on twitter, but I didn’t want to be seen as an irresponsible twitter user who shares his e-mail address to the public).

Anyway, less than one week after I applied to the waiting list, ….surprise! I received my official Spotify invite. Great.

Unblock Spotify – Finally there …

I launched again my VPN client, got a US-based IP address, then clicked on the Spotify invite link, created my account, downloaded the Spotify client and… I could listen to the whole album of “3 doors down” that they just released a few days ago… Ain’t life VPN great? Yeah, I’ve got a Junk of the heart, and I’m happy.

Unblock Spotify - US VPN

Do you use it? How do you unlock Spotify? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Adi Jul 29, 2011

    yeah..ive tried to register it using VPN im waiting for the invitation code..
    can u please make a review about VPN ON DEMAND after this?

  • heryzo Jul 29, 2011

    hope you’ll get your invite as soon as I did.
    What do you mean by VPN ON DEMAND? do you refer to

  • DudeWhoNeedsHelp Dec 22, 2011

    any ideas on how to get this working with a Spotify application and account that I set up back when I was in the States? I am in China now. I use Astrill VPN to obtain a US IP so I can access things like Facebook, Twitter, etc. As far as I can tell I’ve disabled everything on my computer that might tell Spotify that I’m not in the US, and my VPN is running before I open Spotify, so I can’t figure out how/where it’s getting that I’m not in the US. Any thoughts or tips?

  • heryzo Dec 22, 2011

    are you sure your VPN is actually providing you with a US IP Address? I’ve experienced that on some Windows installations, it has to be run in administrator mode so that it correctly connects. You may want to check following the article that I wrote here

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