Bittorrent Privacy Service From TorGuard.netEvery time you are downloading torrents online, I am sure you are not taking precautionary measures needed for you to protect your own personal identity and activities online. Shortly, you will be surprised that the ISP throttles the connection, and sends you a note, or worse, issue you a subpoena requesting the identity of the end-user for a forthcoming lawsuit. Learn about the new BitTorrent privacy service from TorGuard.

Conventional protection measures are not enough

Conventional measures taken to torrent anonymously are not sufficient anymore to stay secure online. It has become increasingly straightforward for prying eyes to view torrent download traffic. A downloader does not even have to be doing anything unlawful as well.

Perhaps, they just need to keep the ‘big brother’ off their personal business and just put a stop to bandwidth throttling. For the rest of you who are looking for an instantaneous fix, the remedy includes routing a BitTorrent traffic via an external service.

BitTorrent Privacy Service is your answer! is a BT-focused proxy server, with VPN, and Seedbox services included.

Stay private on Bittorrent

How Exactly Does TorGuard Work?

As independent monitoring teams join forces with BitTorrent swarms, however as opposed to sharing files, they are logging the IP addresses of other people within the swarm in an attempt to notify the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Proxy services like TorGuard redirect internet traffic via another server, such that the BitTorrent swarm will reflect an IP address from a different server that cannot be traced back, so you are completely anonymous as you download torrents!

This way, the prying eyes cannot contact your ISP, and in the same vein, the ISP cannot send you any harassing letters or notices. All the ‘prying eyes’ will see is TorGuard servers sharing a file, and these Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will see is the computer connected to TorGuard, sans the data information being downloaded simply because everything else is encrypted.

TorGuard provides VPN and proxy altogether, and encryption to fight against connection throttling. Despite the fact that several torrent clients have built-in encryption too, TorGuard’s BitTorrent shield is not 100% free. At barely $6 each month, you get all the protection you’ll ever need! Isn’t that amazing?

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