How to Change Your IP Address to a US IP Address

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If you have considered hiding your IP address for different purposes – here is one easy solution that anyone can use. All you need is a browser (we recommend Firefox, but this solution works with all browsers and on all platforms) and an Internet Connection. Learn how to change your IP address to a US IP address.

The first thing that you have to do is to start the browser and load [no longer available – try] – which will show your real IP address and country.

Change Your IP Address - US IP address


Considering the hiding your IP address is your purpose than load [no longer available – try HideMyAss proxy] which is a free, fast and reliable PHP proxy located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Type website address in the Web Address field and press Go.

Type website address in the Web Address field and press Go. If you type [no longer available – try], you will see that websites track your IP address as being from United States. [Your IP: located in UNITED STATES Country Code US].

New IP From Phoenix Arizona

By using this technique, you can be sure that you can fool the websites that you visit by using a different IP address. Hiding your IP address is one of the best practices that you can use for improving online privacy.

Update: There are better ways to change your IP address to a US one by using a VPN service. VPNs are faster and more secure than proxies.

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  • Freeman Feb 27, 2008

    You make my day!

  • steve Mar 7, 2008

    please how can i get a us ip for
    i need it urgently.Steve.

  • admin Mar 7, 2008

    @steve: You can try this proxy: or take a look to the “100+ Unblock MySpace proxies” article and choose a proxy from there.

    If you prefer not to use proxies, take a look to the recommended hide ip software for our “Hide IP Tools” page.

  • for steave Mar 7, 2008

    for steve


    Try Hide-IP-Browser which proides several US IP addresses.

  • uyabz Feb 28, 2009

    bro sebelumnya sorry klo pertanyanya mendasar banget
    maklum wa ga ngerti apaw soalnya

    mo tanya nih kan DL game di
    tp klo mo maen keluar tulisan gini “your area is not offered”

    cara akalinnya gimana ini bro?

    thx b4

  • HideIP Admin Mar 1, 2009

    @uyabz – Please post your comment in English so I can understand it. Thank you!

  • Gromit Sep 3, 2010

    Hi i live in Spain, is it possible to change my ip address so that i can access BBC and ITV i players i need a uk ip address. Thanks

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