Later edit: Proxy Shell Hide IP is no longer available. You should check other hide IP tools.

Proxy Shell Hide IP will let you surf faster and more reliable by using multiple proxies to hide your IP address during surfing. No one will ever know where you are while using this software.

Why hide your IP address?

Your IP address is a tracker to you, what you look at, what you listen to. Everything you do online can be traced back to you through your IP address. Therefore, you can even send emails and post to forums anonymously.

Many different sites collect cookies and they store them so they can gather information on you. Some sites won’t let you in at all if you do not allow them to store their cookie on your computer. Some sites know where you’re located at and even what kind of computer you are using just by having your IP address. Spammers get a hold of it and you have an inbox filled with junk mail!

Your IP address will never be seen by anyone. It will work on Vista, XP, and the following browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera.

Proxy Shell Hide IP

Proxy Shell Hide IP main features

The features of this software include:

  • Their promise is that they really hide your IP so you can surf anonymously!
  • They use multiple proxies simultaneously to make your surfing faster and more reliable.
  • They make sure you get the page you’re looking for so you don’t get error pages by automatically detecting errors for you!
  • You will not have to do any configuring, they do it for you! Works right out of install!
  • You pay nothing for upgrades! Pay one time for everything. No monthly fees or charges ever after you buy it.
  • You will have 15 days to decide how you like it. If you don’t…and they don’t know why you wouldn’t…..they will refund your total price!


Many people do not know what a proxy server is. A proxy server is a server that is in-between you and websites. Now with anonymous proxies you ask a search engine to look something up, it will go to the proxy server, and it will get it for you instead of the real server thus hiding your IP.

This is the way to surf without anyone knowing what you do or where you go. Make your life more private and use Proxy Shell Hide IP so nothing you do will be known by anyone ever again.

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