Basically, Cocoon helps you surf the entire Internet via a proxy. This helps the user to use the Internet without revealing their IP address to the World Wide Web. This can be confirmed by validating your own IP addresses with cocoon enabled and when it is not enabled. They will be different! Learn about the most secure Firefox add-on.

If you haven’t heard of Cocoon yet then I can assure you that soon you will be hearing about the same just because it’s free now! Though there might be plenty of security browsers and add-ons that filter off the information as per user requirements hardly any one of those do their job perfectly. Learn about the free Firefox add-on Cocoon.

Cocoon is now free

Cocoon is one such add-on that does just that and does it smartly. It is famous for its abilities to funnel through the web to deliver the information without revealing the user. Till last week Cocoon used to charge for its services but as of now, it is free to use. While browsing, the Cocoon add-on forces all the Internet connections via protected SSL connections that pass through Cocoon’s servers. These servers are said to be designed by United States’ National Security Agency.

Free Firefox Add-on Cocoon

The makers of Cocoon wanted to grow Cocoon henceforth they decided to make it free as this will increase the user base and help the developers enhance it as per user suggestions. Cocoon has been installed more than 10,000 times as per the Santa Barbara-based Virtual World Computing, the makers of Cocoon. This number will surely grow as and when the news of free Cocoon rolls out on the Internet.

Cocoon for Internet Explorer and Android version of Firefox still to come

Cocoon for Internet Explorer and Android version of Firefox are under development though there are no words from the developers of Cocoon regarding their release.

Bermant, Cocoon Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder say he believes Cocoon is on the right side of history, both in terms of what the technology powering the add-on is and how Cocoon implements it. “The future of VWC and Cocoon, on the whole, is that we’re filtering from above, and that’s what I see the world should go to,” he said. “Somebody said to me, ‘Oh, you’ll have terrible latency problems [when browsing],’ but in fact, we don’t. We have no latency problems.”

How does Cocoon look like?

Well, Cocoon installs itself as a toolbar in your Firefox. The add-on can be turned on or off by using the universal button on the left of the toolbar. Cocoon also offers the lock/unlock and pause button right next to on/off button. You might find it a bit difficult to edit settings as the drop-down that offers edit settings feature isn’t easy to spot.

The Most Secure Firefox Add-on

Mesmerizing features of Cocoon.

Cocoon is bound to grow due to some of the amazing features that it brings to your Firefox browser. Here, we will jot down some of the lucrative ones:

  • As already explained, Cocoon hides your IP address and you start using the Internet via a U.S. based IP address. Just enable Cocoon and note down your IP address and then disable Cocoon and validate your IP address again. This can help Netflix users watch video from outside the U.S. as Netflix blocks content to non-U.S. based IP addresses.
  • All the user data is stored in a cloud and can be accessed by the user only via a secure connection. The downside of such a feature could be the risk of your password being compromised. Once your password is compromised then all your browsing information will be available to the user who has your password.
  • Cocoon comes loaded with unlimited on-demand e-mail “mailslots” that will keep your e-mail address private to the outside network. The mail slots feature will let you create a new email address for a new account registration. The user behind Cocoon can create a temporary email address that will be deleted after the user is done with its purpose on the particular website. One temporary email address cannot be used for two different website logons.
  • The anti-cookie feature of Cocoon protects you from stalking advertisers. This is somewhat similar to Internet Explorer’s tracking protection.
  • Cocoon has a note-taking feature using which users can type notes as and when they visit the Internet. The notes can be used for future references.

What do you think of Cocoon, the most secure Firefox add-on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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