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Hotspot Shield in a few words: “Free Anonymous Browsing – 100% Security Through a VPN“. More: “It’s FREE!”

This small software creates a VPN – virtual private network between your computer and an Internet gateway. The tunnel prevents snoopers and hackers from viewing your email, instant messages, credit card information or anything else you send over the network.Hotspot Shield - Free Anonymous Browsing

So, you can use Hotspot Shield not only to hide your IP address but for complete anonymity! It is ideal if you need to change your IP to a US one. There several reasons you might need a US IP address, such as watching videos from Pandora or Veoh, playing an online game Mabinogi, etc.

How to use Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield security application is free to download and is easy to install and use.

After you download the product, you have to unzip the file and launch the setup. Hotspot Shield will be installed in a matter of seconds. When the product starts, the VPN connection is initialized as you will see in the configuration page (to see all values click Show Config):

Hotspot Shield Config

In order to check your new IP address, go to

When you are done and you what to use your real IP address Disconnect from the VPN or exit Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield disconnect

Hotspot Shield – Pros and Cons

Now, I have listed several Pros and Cons regarding this solutions. Make sure you read them, especially the Cons. 🙂


  • It’s free!
  • It uses VPN technology
  • It is more than a hide IP software, it provides total anonymity (including email, chat, etc)


  • It has a 3GB limit usage per month (it was more for previous versions)
  • You don’t have any guaranty that the traffic is not logged (this is my main concern). My advice is to use it with care and make sure you read the terms and conditions of using Hotspot Shield.


To sum up, Hotspot Shield is an excellent free anonymous browsing tool to hide your IP and get a US IP address, but, as with other good things in life, do not abuse it.

Happy Surfing!

Update: If you get the Daemon Error please read: Q&A: HotSpot Shield does not connect. I get the Daemon Error. What can I do?

If Hotspot Shield does not work for you or it is blocked in your country, you should try some alternative VPN services.

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  • Tom Oct 26, 2008

    Check out just released. It’s also a free vpn service.

  • Wilson Nov 9, 2008

    HotSpot Shield do not connect on my PC. What Can i do?
    It shows Deamon Error

  • kahlid Nov 25, 2008

    open any web

  • femi Dec 7, 2008

    HotSpot Shield do not connect on my PC. What Can i do?
    It shows Deamon Error

  • FrustratedSwed Mar 29, 2009

    I have a problem with installing HotSpot Shield. I can’t unzip it! I first tried Winrar and then CAM UnZip. I have tried both HSS-1.12 and HSS-1.13 downloads but Winrar says the files are either of an unknown format or damaged. CAM UnZip doesn’t work either and I don’t understand what’s wrong. Could someone help me, please?

  • HideIP Admin Mar 29, 2009

    @FrustratedSwed – Make sure the file has 3.34 MB. If it doesn’t delete the file and download it again from I use 7-zip and works perfectly.

  • FrustratedSwed Mar 29, 2009

    Thanks a lot, HideIP Admin.

    Now it works.

  • HideIP Admin Mar 29, 2009

    @FrustratedSwed – Great!

  • FrustratedSwed Mar 30, 2009

    I have a problem with HotSpot Shield. I installed it yesterday and it worked fine until today when it refuses to activate. I can’t understand why, I have updated my wireless network connection and it seems to work fine. What could be wrong?

  • smokonzewater Apr 19, 2009

    @Tom – sorry but its not free :

    * 5GB – USD 8.50
    * 10GB – USD 15.00
    * 20GB – USD 26.00
    * 40GB – USD 33.00
    * 80GB – USD 47.00

  • HideIP Admin Apr 19, 2009

    @smokonzewater – Thank you for the update!

  • ArF May 12, 2009

    Thank you.
    I want to know it is possible that only using the Hotspot Sheild for a certain purpose (e.g. browsing web) and for other purposes, such as downloading with p2p softwares, use real IP (in same time)?

  • HideIP Admin May 12, 2009

    @ArF – This is not possible, as HS is a VPN solution. All your traffic will be driven on HS connection.

  • ArF May 13, 2009

    @HideIP Admin – Thanks for your answer.

  • ADHI Dec 4, 2009



  • HideIP Admin Dec 4, 2009

    @ADHI – You can not change the IP used by Hotspot Shield on demand. You can try to connect and disconnect several time. This is one of the downsides of Hotspot Shield.

  • ADHI Dec 4, 2009

    @HideIP Admin


  • HideIP Admin Dec 4, 2009

    @ADHI – You may try Ultrasurf and NotMyIP. They are both free. Also you could try IP Hider from which is one of the best on the market, but it’s not free.

  • malik521 Mar 12, 2010


    Can it be used on a dial-up? Are there any issues with dial-up connections? How about with Opera and Google Chrome?

    Kindly enlighten a newbie pls…

  • HideIP Admin Mar 13, 2010

    @malik521 – I never tested on dial-up. It should work but the speed it won’t be great. Also it should configure both Chrome and Opera.

  • amy marie Jul 15, 2010

    i play on poker stars .com, the site only allows 1 account per ip, will a ip hider allow me to creat a second account on my pc

  • amy marie Jul 15, 2010

    with out being in violation oclear thiss up for me
    f their service policy, tried before but they froze the account saying that i had two nics and was in violation, please

  • paulthedevil Aug 31, 2010

    i live in china and use new imac quad core and had hotspot installed in hong kong at the apple store. unfortunately every time i click on it it just stays yellow and says waiting for server. is there anything i can do?

  • HideIP Admin Aug 31, 2010

    @paulthedevil – Not much. It seems that HS is blocked for you. You should try other VPNs.

  • cb3rl33ch Nov 1, 2010

    Hi.. I’m using Hotspot Shield and it great. But I want to know, how I use it with Camfrog. If I activated Hotspot shield, i can not login to camfrog

  • jerry81 Nov 18, 2010

    hello , i have a problem with hotspot shield, when i open it its still says disconnected, when i click on/ connect, then it will go to search the config then still not appear the picture like i seen here in your example , still not connected, my question is how to connect this vpn online?

  • Deven Somaia Dec 11, 2010

    Hello… I have downloaded and instaled Hotspot Sheild without any errors.. When I activate it, again, I have no problem… But then, when I try and use my Gmail Chat, it doesn’t work.. As in, my Gmail totally freezes and I can’t use Hotspot to call anyone in USA or Canada….. Please help me…

    Thank you,


  • echol Jan 9, 2011

    Need help cannot download with utorrent when Hotspot changes my ip.

  • G.N.R.S.U Jan 28, 2011


  • Zander Mar 27, 2011

    the HSS 1.57 is not working in my country proporly (%50 / %50) I have done all the simple method and solution from install to uninstall, i did even bought thier offer 60$ to have the HSS elite and with another program is name Webroot, but unfortunatlly there is nothing inside the purchased package they just gave me an expired link for the HSS elite. NOW what should I DO FOR GOD SAKE?

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