Later edit: is no longer available. Take a look at other hide IP tools.

Many anonymous IP address programs will hide your IP by using anonymous proxy servers to hide it, while XProxy uses the anonymous transfer of your information to the internet by protocols HTTP and FTP via HTTP. Learn about XProxy private proxies.

You no longer need to worry about your internet privacy. You go surfing around on the internet, every search you do, and every site you go to is known. You cannot hide anything from anyone these days. There is someone smarter than the next person to figure it all out. You need to find excellent software to use that will ‘hide’ your activities so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

XProxy is an expedient interface that is Web-based without restrictions. This will never limit your access to internet resources. You will never have to worry about location or conditions to examine. You have their guarantee of 1Mbit per second for each person.

How to get XProxy private proxies?

You will need to register with XProxy and if you pass, you will be given the instruction of parameters of your own personal record. You will then have access to XProxy services. You also will have access to a personal cabinet for tracking all your operations of charge and your traffic charge.

You can take a look at their prices here.

Get the demo account first

Before you decide to purchase one of the packages you should first try the DEMO ACCESS which is FREE.

You will get a username and a password. To browse anonymously you will have to manually set up your browser to use one of the servers listed here (servername:port). If you don’t know how to do this you should read the following posts:

After you set up your browser, you can start accessing websites. The first time you try, a popup window will ask for username and password.

XProxy Private Proxies to

Then you are on your way to hiding your internet browsing and enjoying a private internet experience.

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