Invisible Browsing is one of the complete hide IP software available on the market. I’m going to show you the main features of this product and also a list of pros and cons that I have compiled.

Update: Invisible Browsing is no longer available. It was re-branded into ibVPN.

After the download, the installation is straightforward: Next, Next, …, Finish and then …

Image showing the Invisible Browsing Automatic Mode

Hide IP with Invisible Browsing

You can start hiding your IP right away by pressing the Change IP button. After your Visible IP Address has changed press Check IP Now to see your new IP address. It is possible that your IP seen in the browser is not the same IP as the one shown in the product (Visible IP address). This is because your page request may pass through several proxies and the one shown in the product is the first one.

Image showing the Visible IP address

If you are using Firefox, Opera or another browser besides Internet Explorer you have to go first to Browsers and select your current browser.
Image showing the Browser Selection
Advanced users can switch to Manual mode where they can select the types of proxy you want to use (anonymous, high anonymous, etc), country of the proxy or you can add proxies manually.Image showing the Manual Mode

A unique feature of this product is the Proxy Driver.  It allows you to adapt the proxy list provided by IB to your geographical location and your internet connection. I could not find something similar in any other hide IP software.Image showing the Proxy Driver
Proxy Driver is not very difficult to use but I strongly advise you to read the help provided and the tooltips in order to make the most of it.

Invisible Browsing Pros and Cons

Further, I have compiled a list of Pros and Cons for this software. Here it is:


  • It is an effective tool to hide your IP address.
  • Friendly interface, usable by both beginners and advanced users.
  • Proxy Driver allows you to optimize the proxy list to your geographical location and your internet location.
  • You can import and test proxies from proxy lists sites like
  • The proxy can be set to automatically change every X minutes (only in Advanced Mode)
  • It is more than a hide IP software, it also includes delete browser history features. (Did you know that the browser’ private mode does not hide your IP address?)
  • Tooltips and user guide contain enough information for all types of users.


  • Sometimes the proxies provided by the default list are slow.
  • You can not change the proxy country in the Automatic Mode.
  • The proxy list contains PlanetLab/Codeen Proxies
  • The interface is available only in English.
  • It does not automatically configure Safari (for Windows).

You can download Invisible Browsing from here. Regarding the price, you can purchase the tool for $29.95 (quite affordable for the features it offers). Be aware that the license is per year because you also purchase a service (the proxy list is updated daily), not only software.

To sum up, this is a product you should try if you are not satisfied with free hide IP solutions. If you have used this product or you are going to, please share your experience and help others browse the web more securely.