When you’re looking for proxies in a proxy list like the one on SamAir.ru you can find PlanetLab/Codeen Proxies. So, what about these proxies?

What are Codeen Proxies?

These proxies are up all over the internet, although they don’t have too many supporters behind it. These proxies are mainly used for general purposes like surfing the internet, they don’t allow you to do many things, and the features are limited. The system is completely free to use and download, and there are different services depending on whether you’re a member of PlanetLab or not. All of Codeen’s services are completely free to use, while PlanetLab is for university students.

Are they useless?

The main reason why most people find these proxies useless is that all you can really do on them is surf the web. You won’t be able to download, upload, or post on forums while using them. Most people find that to be the reason why they don’t use these proxies.

How to use Codeen Proxies

If you’re just looking to have a secure connection and surf the web though then these proxies are ideal. They offer great security and privacy for you and your computer. It’s all completely free to use as well, so there is nothing to complain about. I for one don’t use these proxies, but I have a few friends who use them for surfing the web, and they say that it’s great. The connection is really fast usually for them, and they are also not at risk which is the main reason to use these types of proxies.

You will be able to use this proxy if you’re banned from a site too, you just won’t be able to post on topics or comments. I would only suggest using this proxy if you plan on only surfing the web, you won’t be able to do anything else. Since it is a free service I recommend giving it a shot though, you have nothing to lose, and you can see how it all works.

Don’t you know how to set up a Codeen proxy on your browser? Take a look at the tutorials below: