The Internet originated in the U.S. and it isn’t a surprise if some of the amazing services are launched for the people within the U.S. only as it has a huge market for those respective services. Although such services are desired by most of us outside the U.S. yet it isn’t easy to gain access to them. Well, actually it is quite easy though most of us don’t try it. We have taught you how to access most of such services from outside the U.S. and few of them are Spotify, Facebook and most of the other websites. Learn how to unblock the Android Market from outside the US.

Android Market blocks access from outside the US

Similarly, the Android fans who want to access the Android movie database from outside the U.S. need not be disappointed! Although, Android Market blocks access to its movie database for users using their portal from outside the U.S. yet it is possible to access the same with the use of VPN.

Rent Movie Android Market

The problem with the Android Market is that they will never let a no-U.S. IP address accesses their movie rental service and henceforth it becomes important that you use a VPN service that helps you use the Internet using a U.S. IP address.

How to unblock Android Market with VPN

For those who are new, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the way to fake your IP address. Once you are using the Internet via a VPN then your original IP address will be hidden and the IP address of the VPN service provider will become your IP address. Henceforth, the website that you visit will see the IP address of the VPN service provider and NOT your IP address. This not only helps you to hide your IP address for security reasons but also helps you fake your IP address for services like the Android Movie Rental Service in this case.

Unblock Android Market

We have already covered plenty of VPN services that will help you hide your no-U.S. IP address in order to access the movie rental service at the Android Market. Just to be quick, use Hide My Ass as it is one of the best VPN services around. Here are a few of our guides: