risks proxy siteAlthough proxy servers are perfectly legal, there are other dangers that you leave yourself vulnerable to when using a proxy.  If you don’t know what a proxy server is, it is a connection of servers that allow you to access any website without giving away your IP Address.  An IP Address is similar to your home address or your telephone number; it labels your computer as a specific identity.  IPs are used to track your every move on the Internet, so it’s best to use a proxy server if you don’t want your cyber whereabouts to be known.

Firstly, are proxy servers legal?

To make things clear: proxy servers are perfectly legal, and so are VPNs (in most of the countries)! It only depends on you how you use them. But even though you use a proxy for some illegal activity, this does not make the use of proxy illegal.

So, to use proxies at school is legal, but it can be against their policy, which is something else. You can not be prosecuted for using a proxy, but you can be disciplinarily punished (maybe suspended).

Proxy sites may read your data

Because proxy servers intercept data, there’s always the risk of the administrators of that proxy site to steal your information, such as account details to a website, personal identification like phone numbers, house address, or even your social security number (SSN) and credit card numbers.  This is why it is very important for you to safeguard your information when using a proxy site by taking every possible measure to keep your identity a secret.

Important! Never, I mean NEVER, use sensitive info (credit card info, passwords, SSN, etc.) while using a proxy site!

Must read: TOS and Privacy Policy

Be sure to check the proxy site for a Terms of Service link or a Privacy Policy, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.  Sometimes, the proxy site will hide valuable information like that so you will just use their service without thinking about it.  Even if they don’t, how many of us read the terms of service and all that?  Very few.  So be sure to protect your information by looking through the site very carefully before you use it to enter any sensitive data into a form.

Risks of using a proxy site – Conclusion

Also, if the website is not known and trusted or appear to have good integrity, do not use it.  This would only prove to endanger your information instead of finding a good proxy site to use.  Keep this in mind before you use a proxy server next time or perhaps, your first time at all.

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