Is My IP Address Blacklisted?


If you are wondering if your IP has been blacklisted by over 50 DNS spam filters, then you should check out the site XMyIP Blacklist Check. Is my IP address blacklisted?

Is my IP address blacklisted - XMyIP Blacklist Check

Check your IP address status

You will be able to check your IP to see if it has been put on a blacklist, you can now see why your emails have been going to spam filters. Even if your not sending spam you may be put on one of these lists, as it is done all automatically by the servers and if it thinks you are sending spam then you can be sure to find yourself added onto this list.

Most residential and Cable/DSL connections are blacklisted. This is why it’s important not to send out your mass emails using that connection. You should be using your ISP connection for sending these out.

>> My IP Address Is Blacklisted. What To Do?

IP address tools

This site has many other tools also you can check out, many are fun to try out and use. You can do IP tracking, traces, and many other cool features. If you’re wondering how to check to see if your IP has been blacklisted it is very easy to do, just put your IP into a URL form and check the databases against your mail server IP. If it’s in the database then you have been blacklisted by that spam bot.

Blacklisted IP address workaround

If you are IP address blacklisted there is other ways to go about getting your emails out of the junk folder, this will involve changing or hiding your IP. Some areas you won’t be able to do this though, and you will be stuck sending the mail to junk folders. Using proxy servers or VPN services are other ways to go about getting to sites where your IP address has been blacklisted, you will be able to do anything you normally would be able too, but you will need a new account.

>> How Do You Prevent Yourself From Using a Blacklisted IP Address?

Is my IP address blacklisted? Have you checked yours?

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  • Good Post Jun 6, 2008

    Well if you want to know if your IP is blacklisted over the most important RBLS you can use this tool:

  • hughesey Feb 18, 2010

    You can also check over 30 different blacklists here:

    Its a nice fast site, with clean output and its FREE!

  • Dave May 4, 2010

    Hi, i also think you should take a look at the blacklist checker over at: — It has some extensive blacklist checking features and a whole stack of other IP tools that are well worth a look also 🙂

  • Alvin Feb 26, 2011

    Someone told me recently that the email I had sent them (from my home network) ended up in their junk mail and that my IP address was blacklisted. What does the article mean when it says “You should be using your ISP Connection” to send emails?

  • Casey May 20, 2011

    Upon checking my IP address over at IP Elk then cross-referencing it with a blacklisted ip list site, it’s good to know that mine’s not included. But I’ve bookmarked this page for future references, just in case. So thanks alot for that!


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