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BBC iPlayer is one of the most sought-after online streaming media sites in the UK as it gives you access to the latest TV shows, movies, radio programs, and more. Learn how to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK.

However, the downside is, you cannot watch the BBC outside the UK due to the geo-location constraints. But you can bypass these limitations by the use of a UK proxy.

With such a proxy you can watch BBC iPlayer even if you are traveling abroad! It is specially made to protect your online data and privacy. Furthermore, you can now surf anonymously on the web without fear of being controlled and or restrained from watching whatever you want, wherever, and whenever you want to!

If you live outside of the UK and you like BBC shows, you are probably very familiar with the following message:

Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK

The idea is that the BBC has no rights to show certain programs outside the UK, so it has to block users that do not have UK IP address. The same thing happens in the US with,,, etc.

Workaround: how to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK

The good news is that there are workarounds. Today, I found out that one of the hide IP tools that I use regularly exposes a UK proxy that works very well with BBC iPlayer.

Get UK IP with proxies

You can find such proxies on sites like or Xroxy. These are open proxies that you can get free of charge. If you don’t know how to set up your browser how to use such proxy make sure you read: How To Hide Your IP While Browsing Using Firefox or How To Change Your IP Using Internet Explorer Manually.

The bad news is that most of these proxies won’t help because they are used by a lot of people and they are quite slow.

However, there are several premium proxy solutions that can be used to get a UK IP address. Here are the ones that I recommend: LocaProxy and SquidProxies.

Watch BBC Live using VPN services

A better solution would be to get your own private proxy or get a VPN connection to a server located in the UKHideMyAssHideIpVPNibVPN offer such services. They are not free, but it is for you to decide if it worth it or not.

Both Hulu and BBC iPlayer with the same VPN?

What if you are leaving in Australia and you want to watch both Hulu and BBC iPlayer? Get a VPN service that exposes both US and UK servers in the same package. Most of the VPN services listed above offer both US and UK servers.

How to watch BBC iPlayer on your Nintendo Wii while overseas

I assume your Wii is already connected to the Internet. Once you are, just proceed to download BBC iPlayer by going to the shopping channel and download the iPlayer channel. You can obtain easily as a free download. Do not forget to set your localization settings of your Wii to the UK initially, as the BBC iPlayer channel is not offered to non-UK citizens.

Wii iPlayerOnce this has been accomplished, you need to proceed to the Wii’s proxy server settings by selecting your connection from the Wii System Settings. Then select the Internet connection link. Choose the connection you are utilizing and scroll down the options until you discover the Proxy Server displayed. Below are the necessary changes you have to undertake:

  1. Specify the Proxy Server to use.
  2. Under ‘Advanced Settings’ input one of proxy’s UK IP addresses you prefer to use.
  3. Use ‘4040’ for the Port number.
  4. Modify Username and Password to ‘Yes.’
  5. Go to ‘Advanced Settings,’ and input your proxy username and password credentials in the fields provided.

Consequently, all you have to do is save the settings and proceed to the Wii display screen, choose the BBC iPlayer channel and everything should be working fine by now. Should you be using a free proxy you can skip the login credentials area. However, you may need to change your port to 80 or 8080.



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  • Watch Hulu Jun 2, 2009

    You’re having the same problem I was with hulu! I ended up getting a VPN account. There are tons of places to get VPNs from. I choose to go with Activation was instant, so I could start watching hulu right away. Their site says they also offer a UK vpn, I suspect it’ll work for iplayer just like it did for hulu. With the fee I pay (5$USD per month) I get access to both the UK and USA vpn servers.

  • Martin Oct 22, 2009

    I downloaded the Anonymity Gateway software earlier today – and I’ve had a PC engineer here for the last few hours trying to get my computer working again.

    As soon as I downloaded the software, my computer stopped working.

    Although I was still online, I couldn’t open any websites.

    I tried to uninstall the software from where it was located (C/Programme Archives) and it gave me a “Cannot Be Deleted” message. I tried uninstalling it via “Add & Remove Programmes” in “My Computer”, and the “Add & Remove” panel refused to open. I tried opening my “Ultimate Troubleshooter” program, and that, too, refused to open.
    Eventually I had to call an engineer who, as I said, spent hours trying to uninstall the software and get my computer working again.

    I decided to come back here to warn others who might be tempted to download this software, but I’d found this site via Google and I couldn’t remember either the URL or the exact search terms I’d used to find it. So I opened my “History” – and found a long list of porn and “click ad” websites that I have never visited! Yet, according to my history, they were the last sites I visited before my PC crashed.

    So that’s what happened when I downloaded Anonymity Gateway. I don’t doubt that the person who recommended it (the owner of this site?) reckoned that it was safe and useful software. Apparently it worked for him/her. All I came back here to tell you was that it crashed my computer (even though it’s been “fixed” and the anonymity software removed, it’s still behaving erratically).

    That’s it.

  • Ariane Neuhaus Jan 10, 2010

    I’ve been trying to see BBC Three from their site, but I’m from Brazil, so it didn’t work. Either does this program (Anonymity Gateway), so I’m open for suggestions…

    I hope I find some way. Don’t wanna miss Being Human.

  • HideIP Admin Jan 10, 2010

    You may try Anonymity Gateway, but I also suggest to try a VPN service. I suggest you read 15 VPN Services To Watch British TV Shows Over The Internet.

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