How To Manually Change Your IP Using Internet Explorer

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Changing your IP address in Internet Explorer is very simple. You need to modify the browser settings such that IE redirects the Internet traffic through a proxy. An alternative solution to change IP Internet Explorer is by using a VPN service.

Check your visible IP address

Firstly, check your real IP address. You will see how websites see your IP address and how do they determine your location.

Find a proxy

Then you have to find a proxy (a new IP address to be shown when you visit websites). To do this go for example to SamAir List (also check our list of proxy sites) and choose a proxy from any country you want:

Choose a proxy

After you have chosen the proxy, you can start configuring your Internet Explorer to change your IP address.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options:
    Change IP Internet Explorer
  3. Choose the Connections tab and press the LAN Settings button:Connections and LAN Settings
  4. In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, check to Use a proxy server for your LAN:
    LAN Settings
  5. In the same window fill in the Address and the Port is taken from the above proxy list (e.g., 80 where the IP address of the proxy is and the port is 80):
    Fill in proxy info
  6. Press Ok and then Ok again and you are done.

After the configuration is completed check your new IP address and you make sure it is different from the initial IP address. You can now browse anonymously.

Important! After you are done with your activities under hidden IP, do not forget to uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN. These proxies have a limited lifetime and usually slow down your internet connection. So use them only when you need!

VPN = Proxy alternative to change IP Internet Explorer

Most of the time the speed provided by proxies is quite low. Therefore, you may consider VPN services as an excellent alternative to change IP Internet Explorer. They are more expensive but also more reliable and faster. Also, there is a significant difference. Unlike proxies that are set up in the browser, VPNs change the IP for all application running on the device (including other browsers, email clients, torrent clients, etc.).

Are you looking for an excellent VPN service? I recommend taking a look at HideMyAss and ibVPN.


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  • Mike Sep 27, 2009

    Absolutely no way am I going ot use some proxy server somewhere else OR some DNS server other than my ISP (which is bad enough that they ‘see’ what I do)…. Face it, there is no privacy online. If you dont want people finding you, then dont go online.

  • HideIP Admin Sep 27, 2009

    @Mike – Unfortunately you are right: there is no total anonymity online. But still, there are ways to be “a little bit” anonymous. Proxies there are not a good choice but VPN services are.

  • San Diego Web Designer Oct 4, 2009

    @Mike – There is not always something ‘fishy’ involved if you want to hide your IP address. I’m German, living in the US. There are 2 websites where you can watch live German TV for free, but with my US IP address I read that the service is not available in my country. So I don’t see anything illegal in changing my US IP to a German one so I can watch my favourite German TV shows online :o).

  • John Jun 28, 2010

    No,there are fool proof ways of hiding your IP and being anonymous….I have been using a TOR (An application,that routes your IP ) after reading this article here,
    I am not so gud at networking but when I asked my pals who are good at that,they say its really interesting.

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