Why hide my IP address?This is a question that it is sad to say, most people never consider.  An IP address is a series of numbers that is assigned to every computer modem.  It identifies you and anything you do on the internet can be traced to your IP address.  It is why it is very important to some people who may partake in illegal activities or even just simple things that aren’t illegal but are embarrassing to the computer user, to hide their IP address.

How does it work?

The way it works is this:  Your computer accesses the internet through a modem.  If you have a network connection in your home or office, then you may have a router that acts as a single modem for every computer in the network.  That modem or router is assigned an IP address that tells any particular website that is accessed exactly where you are, who you are, and most importantly, what else you’ve been doing on the Internet.

Why hide my IP address?

Whether you’re downloading free music or emailing an old girlfriend (if you’re married), you might want to consider hiding your IP address.  This way, you can be completely sure that whatever you’re doing online, your secret life will remain hidden for as long as you want it to.

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There are a lot of things to be aware of when you’re hiding your IP. You could be doing something illegal without knowing it. A lot of sites have weird rules in their TOS; you have to be aware of these and make sure you protect yourself. There happen to be quite a few good things that come from hiding your IP as well. We’ve compiled a small list of the pros and cons that come with hiding your IP address.

Hide IP Pros

  • You can have more than one account on sites that restrict it.
  • If you are banned from a forum, you can create a new account using different IP.
  • You can post comments on forums/sites/blogs using a fake identity.
  • You can vote multiple times (e.g., vote for your photo on a photo sharing site)
  • People will have a tough time finding out who you are.
  • Will be able to download more things at once.

Hide IP Cons

  • If using a proxy, you’re trusting someone with your actual IP address.
  • You can be sued by sites for violating TOS.
  • Not allowed by some places, and will result in bans.

As you can tell, there are many things associated with hiding your IP address. This list that we are providing you is just a few of the pros and cons.

What do you think? Should you hide your IP address while browsing the Internet?

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The conclusion is yours. Do you need to hide your IP address or not?