Update 4/15/2011: BitBlinder is no longer available anymore. You should check other hide IP tools.


This week, at Pittsburgh-based startup incubator AlphaLab, InnomiNet has presented BitBlinder, a tool that allows users to anonymously browse the web and transfer files using BitTorrent.


It is a free and open source project that mixes your Internet traffic with the traffic of everyone else in the BitBlinder network.

With this app you can:

  • Download files quickly and anonymously via BitTorrent.
  • Browse the web privately and bypass any filters.
  • Protect your privacy by hiding your IP address.

How does it work

BitBlinder creates a network of a computer similar to Tor in order to achieve online anonymity. It works by having a peer in the network acting as a proxy for you. Instead of requesting a page from the website itself, BitBlinder asks the peer to get the page and send it back to you. The connection is encrypted so nobody will be able to see or know you visited a website.

Using BitBlinder to drive traffic through multiple=

Installation and Setup

Firstly, you have to download the 17.5 MB setup. After the installation, you’ll be prompted with the below screen asking for a username and password.


In order to be able to use it, you have to join the network. This way, while others will use your computer as a proxy, you’ll be able to use their computers to hide your online activity.

Next step is to create an account here. Then enter the username and password and login.

You can use it to anonymize your downloads (BitTorrent tab) or for anonymous browsing (Browser tab).



In order to browse anonymously Launch Anonymous Browser. This is a Firefox browser that uses their network and drives your traffic through different peers.

InnomiNet Interview about BitBlinder

Jia Ji interviewed the founders of InnomiNet about BitBlinder during the 2009 Innovation Works annual meeting. Here is the video that explains how it works:

BitBlinder Community

The app is still in beta. There are still problems to be solved and features to be added. If you are interested in the project you can join the community. Get involved!