List of Best VPN Apps For Your iPhone

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Best VPN app iPhoneBest VPN app iPhone – Using VPNs to ensure absolute anonymity while surfing the web has evolved to become a very common practice these days. There is no denying that there is a rising growth in the number of users utilizing it, and these figures will definitely escalate down the road.

Due to these demands, manufacturers of mobile devices like Apple Inc. have developed high-end iPhone apps that cater to these demands and enable folks to connect to the web safely and in anonymity. These iPhone apps are particularly designed to meet and secure the surfing needs of your iPhones.

The Importance of these iPhone VPN Apps

Should you be utilizing a built-in VPN client within your iPhone, it is a very much favored alternative. Nonetheless, in case you are regularly using VPN, definitely won’t prefer to spend a great chunk of your time adding in your login credentials on your iPhone if you want to browse the web thru VPNs.

In line with this, the developers made applications that can be easily used for your convenience. You may go on securely – use the web or transfer data via encrypted tunnels as much as you’d want. With a simple click of a button, you are connected, just be sure VPN has configured accordingly.

Best Features of iPhone VPN Apps:

  1. An easy one-click connection to the web
  2. Free you from time-consuming manual configurations
  3. Liberty to choose the protocol
  4. Makes the browsing data secured at all times
  5. Keeps intruders within your network at bay
  6. Safeguards your online privacy

VPN Apps For Your iPhone

If you are among the loyal users of VPNs then you should know about the following apps:



Starting Price




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15 Days


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Hotspot Shield

7 Days


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VPN One Click

7 Days


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VPN Express



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Now, let us compare each of these VPNs.

Best VPN app iPhone – 123VPN

123VPN is an extremely light VPN app that is simple to install and use. It provides access to about 10 locations that can be easily selected. The app is completely free, but it is ad-based.

Best VPN app iPhone – ibVPN

The ibVPN app is the one I use most frequently. It has a lot of nice features and options. You must try it if you look for a VPN app.

Best VPN app iPhone – Hotspot Shield

Next, Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield provides you desktop security capabilities via its VPN service. Now, they are available on iPhone too. It will help convert your HTTP sessions into HTTPS sessions, thus allowing you added security instantly. You can now be safe with the idea that you have Malware protection, and you can now block spam and other rogue websites as well as other phishing sites. A trial version of 7-days is available for download online.

Hotspot Shield iPhone App

VPN One Click iPhone

Best VPN app iPhone – VPN One Click

Second in line is VPN One Click. With this app, you can connect to servers from different countries, they will ensure that you keep your identity hidden and so is your real IP address. With VPN One Click, you can now connect to FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype, or any other blocked websites.

Best VPN app iPhone – VPN Express

Finally, we have the VPN Express. This app is devised to work not only on your iPhone but also on your iPad and iTouch devices. Top features include excellent availability, affordable price, 99% uptime, unblock any restricted websites, and rendered perfect for use with VOIP. You may also download the trial version to run a test of the app without spending a dime.

VPN Express iPhone

Have you made your pick? If any of these excellent iPhone VPN apps work to your advantage, feel free to share your experience and ideas here. We’d love to hear from you!

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