AlwaysVPN not free anymore

Update: AlwaysVPN is no longer available. You should check other VPN services.

AlwaysVPN, seen as an alternative to Hotspot Shield, it’s not free anymore. Always VPN was launched as a free VPN service but now it switched to pre-paid service. Here is the announcement made on AlwaysVPN forum:

As of now we are offering a new pre-pay vpn service! AlwaysVPN 2.0

Most of you have probably come to know AlwaysVPN as a free advertising supported vpn. Unfortunately for various reasons we are not able to continue the expansion of this free service for the time being.

Until further notice existing users will still be able to access our free network, however we will not be distributing new client software.

Always VPN is a hosted VPN service that can be useful for non-U.S. users to get access to U.S.-only sites, or for anyone who’s in the States and is looking for a way to keep network eavesdroppers from keeping tabs on your Internet connection.

The service provides a VPN client for Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X and Linux. When you connect to the AlwaysVPN network, you create a secure tunnel through which your Internet traffic is sent. The service is great for surfing the Web in places where you may be concerned about security, but because AlwaysVPN is based in the United States, it’s also useful for obtaining an American IP address to access U.S.-only Web services.

AlwaysVPN main features

Here are the main features of Always VPN:

  • Prevents local eavesdroppers from listening in on your web communication.
  • Bypasses restrictive firewalls.
  • Accesses US-only web content.
    (Hulu, ABC, and other video networks are blocking our IP addresses.)
  • Bypasses Government web content filtering.

AlwaysVPN server locations

All of the AlwaysVPN servers are currently located in the United States. In the future, they may also offer non-US VPN servers.

AlwaysVPN is a prepay bandwidth service

Unlike other VPN services that charge you on a monthly basis, in order to use Always VPN you purchase an amount of VPN bandwidth. After your purchase is completed you are able to use the VPN network until your available bandwidth is used up. If you need more bandwidth, you simply have to log into your account and purchase more!

Here’s a list of currently available Bandwidth options:

  • 5GB – USD 8.50
  • 10GB – USD 15.00
  • 20GB – USD 26.00
  • 40GB – USD 33.00
  • 80GB – USD 47.00

AlwaysVPN can be used to:

  • Unblock sites like MySpace, YouTube, Orkut, etc
  • Unblock Twitch.
  • Access the US-only web content.
  • Prevent local eavesdroppers from listening in on your web communication.
  • Bypass Government web content filtering.


  • It is very similar to Hotspot Shield.
  • More likely to bypass firewalls and filters as it is not as well known as HotSpot Shield (HS is currently being blocked by several sites that share video content).
  • Works on any Internet connection that allows you to browse websites.


  • It’s not free anymore.
  • Only allows web traffic on port 80, 443, 110, 143, 587 and 8080.

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