Hotspot Shield iOSThere’s a lot of Free VPN solutions that exist nowadays, some, like AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield, are so popular that they have hit the blacklist of services of geolocation-limited services like Hulu and BBC iPlayer. Learn about HotspotShield iOS app.

New HotspotShield iOS app

Nevertheless, HotspotShield continues its expansion, and it has now released an app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad to encrypt your connections.

The good thing about this app is that it’s conceived in such a way that you only set it once, then you can forget about it: this can definitely be a good thing especially when you are working regularly from public WI-FI. Anyway, not everybody would want to enable HotspotShield in a permanent mode on his iPhone. But the app can be stopped anytime.

Strong points

What’s interesting with this IOS app is that it also helps optimize your data connection. It does this by manipulating unnecessary pictures and ads, thereby decreasing your data traffic. This can be a major advantage since at the end of the day; you’ll have less to pay for your mobile phone data consumption. Not only does it compress your data consumption, but you can even choose between three level of compression, depending if you want to prioritize bandwidth consumption or quality of the images that are displayed on your iPhone.

The price

The thing that we should point out though is the app will cost you $.99/month to use, or $9.99/year. The good thing, though, is that by paying for one app, you can use it on your multiple devices (iPad or iPhone, or iPod).

Not convinced that this would be a good fit for you, you can even try it for free for seven days. From my point of view, it’s always good to see software editors who are confident enough with their product that they don’t mind.

As with any App, you can get the application from the Apple store.

What users think about HotspotShield iOS app?

By checking for some feedback on the internet (at least on the app store page of the application), people report that it even reconnects after iPhone has been in sleep mode. This is definitely a plus since you don’t want to reconnect manually every time your phone goes on sleep mode so as to spare some energy.

So how does it fit our “hide IP” goal on this blog?

In fact, since this is a VPN solution, it will use a temporary IP address while you are using the app. So if you are in a public WI-FI, then the public IP that will be seen on the Internet would be Hotspot Shield’ IP.  Moreover, the fact that it automatically reconnects and works on a “set and forget” mode will help those of us who tend to forget to relaunch our VPN software.

Now I’d be interested in your feedback on this solution from HotspotShield iOS app.

Would you pay that price so as to be able such features? Do you think it’s an app you’d use on your iPhone/iPod/iPad? If not, tell us in the comments the VPN solution that you are using on those devices, and why you prefer them?