Important! ibVPN was acquired by StrongVPN and it has been shut down. We recommend switching to NordVPN.

This post presents seven ibVPN alternatives for accessing the Internet in privacy and anonymity. If you know other good VPN providers, please share them in the comments.

ibVPN Alternatives

ibVPN is one of the top VPN providers available on the market (make sure you read my complete ibVPN review). It offers a lot of nice features for an accessible price. Here is what I appreciate the most to ibVPN:

  • The Windows app that is not the most beautiful, but well organized and includes useful features like Kill Switch, ibDNS (ideal for unblocking restricted websites) and DNS leak protection / WebRTC leak protection.
  • The Mac OS app is simple, straightforward and available in the App Store.
  • The DoubleVPN that provides double encryption.
  • The TorOverVPN that can be used to access .onion sites.
  • The Stealth VPN protocol and SoftEther VPN protocol to bypass advanced filters.
  • The SOCKS5 for easy P2P/torrent downloads. Also, the Torrent VPN package offers access to exclusive VPN servers.
  • The Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser extensions.
  • The price. It is an affordable VPN service, with several VPN plans: Ultimate VPN, Standard VPN, Torrent VPN, SmartDNS packages.

Why would you look for alternatives to ibVPN?

You may have your reasons to leave ibVPN or look for VPN (Virtual Private Networks) alternatives. For example, you may not be happy with the connection speed while using the ibVPN servers or you need specific locations that are not offered by ibVPN.

How to look for alternatives?

Firstly, you should analyze your experience with ibVPN and make your mind on what you need. Do you need faster connection speed? Is the price an issue? If so, you may try other VPN providers.

Secondly, take a look at the list below or search Google. You will find plenty of ibVPN alternatives. Do not jump to the first one that looks good! Take your time and look for user reviews and reviews written by bloggers. These will help you make an informed choice.

7 ibVPN alternatives – Top VPN providers

If you are looking for ibVPN alternatives to protect your online activities, take a look at the ones I have selected below. They all offer an extended number of server locations, excellent support, money back guarantee, fast servers, unlimited bandwidth, strong encryption, more than 5 simultaneous connections, and good connection speed. 

VPN ProviderPricePros
HideMyAss$11.32/monthExcellent service, huge VPN server network
NordVPN$10.95/monthLarge number of servers, nice extra features, beautiful VPN software
PureVPN$9.95/monthLarge number of VPN servers, good service
HideIpVPN$5.95/monthGood price, excellent support, good servers, fast speed
ExpressVPNfrom $12.95/monthFair price, excellent support, fast VPN connections, unblocks Netflix
Private Internet Access$6.95/monthGood price, fair support (read our complete Private Internet Access review here)
VyprVPN$9.95/monthGood price, excellent servers, good support

Additional tips

ibVPN provides a friendly service for a reasonable price. When switching to an alternative provider, it may happen that you are not happy. Or maybe, you are not pleased with the support or connection speed.

To prevent any hassle, my advice is to create a subscription for the smallest period available (one or 3 months). Thus, you will be able to thoroughly test the alternative service before committing to a more extended billing agreement.

Please share your experience ibVPN and its alternatives in the comments below. What service do you use to hide your IP address?