Important! ibVPN was acquired by StrongVPN and it has been shut down. We recommend switching to NordVPN.

ibVPN, one of the services that I like and use, has presented their new Windows app. The ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0 is not only better than the previous version, but it also represents a significant step forward.

My first impression

The new ibVPN Windows app does not follow the latest app design trends as most of the VPN providers do. The app is not over-simplified, and it can be used by both the beginners and advanced VPN users. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the essential features.

Easy connect/disconnect: Automatic VPN Protocol selection & Fastest Server option

The basic function of every VPN app is to connect and disconnect. The ibVPN app does it simply and easily. Open the app and click the Connect button. The default settings are Fastest Server and the Automatic protocol. The Fastest Server option seems to search for the fastest server to connect to. The criteria are not clear, but the search does not take long, which is good. Starting from the second attempt, the connection is even faster.

If you want to connect to a certain server, click on the Fastest Server and select the location. You may easily get the servers from a certain location, those that allow P2P traffic or that unblock certain streaming channels.

ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2

The Automatic protocol actually takes the protocols one by one and tries to connect to the selected server. As far as I can see the default protocol is L2TP, but it can be easily changed to PPTP, SSTP, IPSec, OpenVPN, StealthVPN.

ibVPN Automatic Protocol

KillSwitch – a must for heavy downloaders

KillSwitch is a must when it comes to P2P/torrent downloads. It provides a fail-safe mechanism to make sure your real IP address is not revealed in the case of VPN disconnection.

The ibVPN app implements Kill Switch with a list of apps that are automatically closed when the connection to the VPN fails and restores them on the VPN re-connect.

Privacy protection – DNS and IPv6 leak protection

The ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0 implements IP v6 disabling. Also, the DNS leak protection is done by forcing the operating system to use ibVPN DNS servers and by using the firewall to filter DNS requests. WebRTC leak protection is enabled by default.

ibVPN All In One VPN Leak Protection

VPN Connection Speedometer

A very nice feature of the new ibVPN app is that shows the download and the upload speed while connected to the VPN. Thus, there is no need to test the connection speed every time you want to check the quality of the server.

ibVPN All-In-One VPN Speedometer

Unblocking streaming channels using ibDNS

SmartDNS is a technology that quickly unblocks streaming channels without speed loss. It tricks the DNS such that the geo-restricted websites see you in the “right” location. Unlike the VPN, the SmartDNS solution does no slow the connection at all: you get the same download speed as provided by your ISP.

The ibDNS (SmartDNS solution from ibDNS) can be easily enabled from the new ibVPN Windows app. You may choose the desired location (country) and switch it on. An important thing to remember: you may not use the VPN and the ibDNS at the same time.

ibVPN Windows ibDNS

What I like the most about the ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0

These are some of the critical features of the new ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0 app, but the one the I like the most is the Fastest Favorite. It allows you to select several favorite servers and then connect to the fastest one. Great idea! Also, you get access to Double VPN and Onion over VPN servers.

ibVPN All-In-One Windows VPN Fastest Favourite


To sum up, the new ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0 is a feature-rich, nice and easy to use VPN app. Hopefully, we will see the MacOS equivalent in action soon. Make sure you also read my ibVPN review.

Have you tried the new ibVPN All-In-One VPN v2.0? How do you like it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.