This post lists the HideMyAss alternatives that I recommend for browsing the Internet securely and privately. If you know other good VPN providers, please share them in the comments.

HideMyAss, the UK based company, is one of the biggest and most reliable VPN providers on the market. It offers a large number of servers, locations, and IP addresses. Plus the speed is good, and the level of customer support is decent.

Why would you look for HideMyAss alternatives?

HideMyAss alternatives

As you can expect from a service with a large number of users, not everybody is happy. The HMA reviews are mostly positive, but not all. Some of the users complain about support, others about the service itself. But, the main concern about HMA, especially after the LulzSec issue, is related to the anonymity provided to the users and the logging policy. Thus, you may have your reasons to leave HideMyAss and search for other VPN providers.

How to look for alternatives?

Firstly, you should analyze your experience with HMA and make your mind on what you need. Do you need a faster reply to your tickets or, maybe, you need a strictly “no logs” VPN service? Is the price an issue? If so, you may find cheaper providers.

Secondly, take a look at the list below or simply search Google. You will find plenty of HideMyAss alternatives, but do not jump on the first one that looks good. You should look deeper for user reviews and reviews written by bloggers. These will help you make an informed choice.

Thirdly, you may consider free VPN providers, like Hotspot Shield. They may be fair alternatives to Hidemyass VPN, but you may take into consideration that free VPNs have their disadvantages (they may even sell your data).

List of top VPN providers

I have selected several VPN services that have an extended number of servers, offer good support, unlimited bandwidth, strong encryption, Kill Switch, WebRTC leak protection, DNS leak protection, simultaneous connections, they are able to access blocked websites, and the price is acceptable.

VPN ProviderCountriesPricePros
ibVPN (read our complete review here)USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria, and many more.$4.95/monthGood price, good support, access to advanced VPN protocols like Double VPN, TorOverVPN.
PureVPNUSA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Luxembourg, etc.$9.95/monthA large number of servers, good service
HideIpVPNUSA, UK, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Poland$5.95/monthGood price, good support, good servers
OverplayUSA, UK,   Canada, Netherlands, Germany,  Australia, Ireland, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Switzerland,  Sweden, Finland,  Spain,   Portugal, Czech Republic, Israel, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium$9.95/monthGood price, good support, a large number of servers
Express VPNUSA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany,  France, Hong Kong, etc.from $12.95/monthFair price, good support
PrivateInternetAccess (read our complete review here)USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Luxembourg, etc.$6.95/monthGood price, good support
VyprVPNUSA, UK, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, etc.$9.99/monthGood price, good servers

Additional tips

As you are switching from a provider (Hide My Ass) that offers access to an extensive number of servers and locations you may not be happy with what the alternative has to offer. Or maybe, you are not happy with the support or connection speed.

To prevent any hassle, my advice is to create a free trial account first (if the provider allows it) or create a subscription for the smallest period available (one or 3 months). Thus, you will be able to thoroughly test the alternative service before committing to a more extended billing agreement.

Please share your experience with HideMyAss and its alternatives in the comments below.