Firefox generally provides a fairly good privacy protection package that you can use to control how and when you want your IP to be traced and tracked. Learn about Torpark.

For the hardcore hackers and crackers, this protection is just not enough. The use of Firefox add-ons is still susceptible to being tracked and traced by anyone or any web bot determined to get your location and other browser settings. One of the best ways to remain anonymous is to use an ever-changing or dynamic IP address. But how do you do that?

What is Torpark?

TorPark - Hide IP Firefox

Enter the Tweaked Firefox version called Torpark. With the Torpark browser, your computer’s IP address changes every few minutes effectively making it difficult, if not impossible, to track you down.

Using Torpark

Download the free browser on any download site that has a version of the Torpark browser. This is a modified version of Firefox and can easily run off a USB memory stick. This makes it fairly easy to remain anonymous, especially on the move, if top anonymity is of utmost importance.

Use the interface provided to access a website. The interface is very similar to the Firefox browser and it should not be a problem for Firefox users to locate and configure preferences.

Note the IP address that appears on the lower right-hand corner featuring a special “Flush Tor” button. This is where you click to reset the IP address.

Click on the “Flush Tor” button and notice the new IP address that comes up. When the button is pressed, a random server connection is initiated and a new IP address is provided.

Use an IP address tracker to see the location of the new server address.

Torpark servers

Torpark servers, nicknamed “Tor” is a worldwide network of servers that transfer data in an obscure random fashion to one another before redirecting to the website. However, the data sent from the last Tor is usually un-encrypted. Thus, Torpark advises users not to send sensitive data like passwords and usernames over the browser unless a golden padlock is clearly visible on a website, which is a sign that the Website data is encrypted.

Torpark alternatives

Firefox extensions like FoxyProxy and PhProxy also enhance Firefox browser surfing anonymity. FoxyProxy allows you to automatically switch your Internet connection based on URL patterns across a number of proxy servers while Phproxy acts as a shield between you and the Internet by only logging your server’s IP address effectively giving you anonymity.

What do you think of Torpark? Do you use it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.