There are some interesting and useful ways to safely and anonymously browse the web. One of this uses Google cached pages. The basic idea is that Google crawls all websites and makes caches of almost every webpage. Learn how to browse anonymously with Google.

Browse Anonymously with Google

You can view cached pages simply by clicking on the “Cached” feature in the Google search. Then click on “cached text only” feature (see below). This will increase load times by a lot because it is only loading the text and not the images, etc. You have to make sure you are viewing the text-only cache though and not retrieving the data from the websites own host. If it retrieves the data from the website’s host then it will still load with all the images and be slower for load times. It will also give away your IP address since your accessing the website through the sites hosting. If you make sure to view only the text cache then you will guarantee your web anonymity.

browse anonymously with google - Google cached pages

Web anonymity is becoming more and more important in the coming age of the internet. Everyone uses the internet so it’s a great place to retrieve people’s information and use it in negative ways. To avoid this you should use Google’s cached pages.

You will be able to view any site anonymously and safely and all you will have to do is a simple copy and paste of the URL with simple modifications each time. If you feel the copying and pasting is too much for you then you can download a FireFox add-on called Greasemonkey it will make the whole process a lot easier and very effective in saving you time.