The Best Way to Hide Your IP Address:
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Your IP address is a very powerful thing that can reveal a lot about you and your computer. It is used to track where traffic is coming from for sites, it can be used in intrusive ways which can harm your computer, and to block you from viewing certain sites. There are many other reasons why IP addresses are so important to people.

First of all, IP address reveals your exact location (country, city, street, house number/ apartment). To make things worse, your browser reveals other information regarding your online activity.

IP address reveals many things

Here are the complete lists of info someone can see about you:

1. Location of where the internet connection is coming from
2. Application Name
3. Application Version
4. User Agent
5. Browser Name
6. Operating System
7. Platform

On you can see exactly what I mean:

IP reveals many things

This just begins to list the many things IP addresses reveal about you and your family. Many intruders use these IP addresses to hack into private content on your computer to gain knowledge of credit card numbers, bank accounts, website passwords, and so much more. An intruder gain can access to anywhere on your computer simply by having your IP address, that is why it’s important to understand how your being revealed and how you can stop it.

Hiding your IP address

You can purchase programs out there that will block or hide your IP address from the public so that they won’t be able to tell what it is. This is a valuable tool in staying protected online, anyone who conducts purchases online should always be worried about their privacy and take the steps needed in order to protect themselves.

Proxy Servers are also another way you can view certain sites without revealing your IP address, these are not meant for this though and can cause hassles with your surfing. Your much better off purchasing software that will block your IP when you want it blocked only, as some sites won’t allow you to have a blocked IP its necessary to be able to change it from the hidden mode.