This post presents a useful tool for browsing anonymously and hiding your IP address. IdentityCloaker is able to unlock for non-US internet users, BBC iPlayer for users outside of UK, and many other geo-located restricted sites.


What is IdentityCloaker?

Identity Cloaker is presented as “Internet Privacy Protection Service“. It protects your privacy by encrypting the data sent over the Internet in the most vulnerable part of the data transmission path and by hiding your IP address.

Even though it’s a complex solution that uses several technologies (including OpenVPN) to mask your IP address, the installation and usage are very simple and intuitive.

How to use IdentityCloaker

Identity Cloaker has no fully functional trial but it has a demo you can check. For this, you have to go to the Free Demo page, download the IDC setup and install the application.


You’ll see that the demo is restricted to a number of the site including,, etc. If you want more you have to subscribe. You are able to opt-in for several packages including a 10-day trial access for 4.97 Euro. More details about the packages you find here.

At this time, there are 9 servers with 78 IPs in 7 countries (including US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands,  etc.)  in the Identity Cloaker network.

How IdentityCloaker works

Using the Identity Cloaker client application, you create an encrypted secure tunnel from your PC to one of the proxy servers provided by IdentityCloaker. It then acts as the “middleman” between your PC and the destination server. Since the data sent between you and the Identity Cloaker proxy server is encrypted with a 256-bit impenetrable cipher, neither your ISP nor any potential hacker or unwelcome guest can see the transferred data.

IdentityCloaker How It Works


If you are serious about your internet privacy you should consider IdentityCloaker. It does not only hide your IP address but also strongly encrypts your outgoing and incoming traffic.

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