The unblocking method I am going to explain is very simple and effective, but quite limited. Learn how to unblock any website with browser testing services.

It does only allow you to see the blocked page of a blog or site without being able to perform any action on that page (clicks, scrolls, etc). Plus you need to know the exact URL of the page you need to unblock.

Browser testing services

There are a lot of sites that offer browser testing services. That means that they make screenshots of a web page in different browsers. This is especially useful to web developers that are able to see how the pages that they have created look in different browsers. As you probably know there are significant differences between the way browsers render page content.

Browser Testing Services

Now, these services can be used to unblock any site. As the testing computers are located in the US (most of them) they are able to access any page without problems. So if you are located in China and you want to see a Flickr photo you’ll be able to do it by using these services.

How to unblock a page/site using a browser testing service

First, you have to find a browser testing service. You can Google for “browser test” or try It’s very simple and easy to use.


The next step is to type in or paste the URL of the page you want to unblock. After that go to the bottom of the page and select None. Then go and check Chrome 2.0. You need to do that in order that your page is “tested” only once.


After you press Submit you’ll be redirected to a page where a screenshot of the page will be shown after a while. Here is how a screenshot of How-to-hide-IP looks like:

Browser Testing Services Chrome

To sum up, this method is efficient in unlocking sites and pages you are not allowed to see, but it can not be used to get access to forums, Facebook or MySpace.