Update: Freedur is no longer available. You should look for other hide IP tools.

Freedur is a new hide IP solution that is very simple to install and very effective. Based on privately own proxies, it offers high-speed anonymous browsing.

Freedur - Anonymous Proxy Solution for Windows and MacHere are several features that make the app special:

  • Plug-n-play! – no advanced settings needed
  • Faster than other proxies and VPNs – I have tested my self and indeed the speed is impressive (about 1,4 Mbps download speed)
  • Supports both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL)
  • 30 day 100% free trial – it offers a very generous trial period, much longer than similar hide IP tools
  • Works for Firefox

How to use it

Step 1. Go to Freedur.com and Sign up for an account, I recommend you to sign up for a trial account first and after 30 days you can subscribe to the paid service.

Step 2. Download and install Freedur for your operating system. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Freedur Download

Step 3. Enter the email and password you have set up during sign up and log in.

Freedur Login

Step 4. Turn it ON and you are ready to browse anonymously.

Freedur ON

Advanced settings

The app can be enabled automatically in Internet Explorer and Firefox with just one button or using a Hot-key. This can be set up in Settings window:

Freedur Settings

With Freedur you can set up a list of sites that you wish to open without it (Site Filter tab) and also block ads while surfing (Ads Blocker).

Freedur 3.0 – Really Good Proxy/VPN for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Freedur has now reached version 3.0 and it is better than ever. Very simple to install and highly effective. Freedur 3.0 offers access to fast private proxies, plus access to L2TP VPN (still in beta).

Freedur 3.0 PROXY

Freedur 3.0If you need a solution for regular web surfing only (unblocking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), then the proxy application will do the job best. You may download the proxy application and install it easily from Freedur site.

Freedur 3.0 L2TP VPN

If you need a full VPN for your iPhone or Hulu, then you need to activate your VPN within the Freedur application -> Settings -> L2TP VPN.

Keep in mind that this feature is only in beta, so it is preferred to use the proxy. Also, do not run the Proxy and VPN at the same time as the proxy will overwrite the VPN and slow down your transfer speed.

Business Pro and Enterprise Packages

If you are in need of a hide IP/unblocking tool to be used within your company, Freedur 3.0 offers special packages with the following features:

  • Simultaneous users/connections
  • Dedicated servers
  • Staff training
  • Remote desktop support
  • Telephone support

More information about Business Pro and Enterprise packages you can find here.

Windows, Mac and Linux Compatible

Freedur is really remarkable by the fact that offers versions for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and it works for all browsers. Soon, iPhone and Android setups will be launched!

What do you think about Freedur?

Have you tried it? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Later edit: Freedur is no longer available and you should try other hide IP tools. The services that I use and recommend are HideMyAss, ibVPN, and PureVPN. Please let us know if you prefer other VPN or proxy providers.