Hide My IP 5.0 is one of the most popular hide IP solutions available on the market. With a simple and easy to use interface Hide My IP allows you to surf anonymously, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions.

Hide My IP 5.0

Hide My IP 5.0 is the most user-friendly edition of the Hide My IP series ever produced, as announced by My Privacy Tools team.

Let’s take a look at the main features of the new version and see how you, the readers of How-to-hide-ip.info, can get a $5.00 discount.

Hide My IP 5.0 main features

  • Protects your online identity more effective than previous versions
  • Major interface changes and improvements to make the program easier to use and understand and reduce problem occurrences.
  • Major fixes and bug eradication causing an entirely new, streamlined performance for the software and your system
  • More available IP’s
  • 128-Bit SSL connection encryption
  • Improved location selection
  • IP Randomization with SmartSwitch
  • Supports all web browsers
  • Select IP country and city (with Premium Service)
  • Increased performance and compatibility

How to use Hide My IP 5.0

With Hide My IP 5.0, installation is simple and once installed. First, you have to go to Hide My IP site and then download the product. If you are using an anti-virus solution it is possible to get a warning message after installation.

When Hide My IP starts, click the Hide My IP button on the face of the software and you’re good-to-go!

– No need to change browser settings
– And, no need to alter any of your system settings
– More, no need to change router or WiFi settings
– Lastly, no need to modify any other programs already installed on your computer

Hide My IP

Hide My IP 5.0 discount for How-To-Hide-IP.net Readers

My Privacy Tools team offers a $5.00 discount off the purchase price of Hide My IP 5.0 for the How-to-hide-ip.net readers. The coupon will only be good for 72 hours (3 days) from today, 27th of January.

Here is how you can get the discount:

1. Go to the order page.
2. Check on Hide My IP 5.0 and proceed with the order.
3. In the next screen click on Have a coupon code?

Hide My IP discount

4. Enter the HowToHideIP coupon.

Hide My IP 5.0 Discount

5. Proceed with the following steps.

To sum up, the new Hide My IP is what we have expected from My Privacy Tools team: better usability, higher speed, more IPs. Excellent release!

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