In today’s fast growing technological world it is common to have multiple devices in your home that use the Internet. Like, it is general for people to have Playstation, iPad and a laptop in their homes. In such cases you might use a router to connect all such device to your Internet connection but when you might end up using your paid VPN service on your laptop only! How many of you paid for double packages in order to use VPN on your laptop and on your iPad too? If you did then you surely have spent more than you should have. Learn about the VPN router.

What is a VPN router?

VPN routerVPN Router is actually a normal router that has firmware that directly connects to VPN service helping all devices connected to that router to use that VPN service. This helps you pay for one VPN connection while all devices within the network use the VPN connection. Saves money, eh?

Although it is possible to flash (if it runs a variation of Linux) your usual router to become a VPN router, I will suggest you to avoid doing any such thing as it is quite complex and you might end up messing up your already running router.

Recently, a lot of companies have started to launch routers that are capable of connecting to VPN services directly without any hassles. This helps you route all your traffic within your network through the VPN server henceforth hiding your IP address for all the devices inside your network.

Main features

Basic features of such VPN routers:

  • Connect to any famous VPN service from around the Internet via the VPN router using VPN tunnel connections.
  • Serve the VPN connection to other VPN devices in your network.
  • Use wireless network for your network within your VPN router.
  • Have the freedom to configure everything yourself using the famous DD-WRT open source firmware or use the pre-built firmware for that specific VPN router.

In the weeks to come, I will review some of the famous VPN routers present around the planet so as to make your life easy. Then you will be able to choose from the best possible VPN routers.

Salman Siddiqui is an expert technical analyst and regularly blogs on his tech. blogĀ CompuWorld. His vast experience of freelance writing is backed by his passion to swim against the tide. You can grab him onĀ Twitter.