unblock youtubeUnblock Youtube – YouTube has revolutionized and completely change the way people view videos and entertainment for good. It has been the most popular video hosting website online that provides publishers the option to restrict video access to users within a specific country. For instance, BBC content is available solely for users from the UK, whereas other companies such as Warner Music limits viewing of their music videos to visitors based on the USA only.

There are several messages that end users will get whenever they attempt to view media from outside the allowed countries are varied, ranging from ‘this video is not available in your country,’ etc. These words simply indicate that publishers can delimit viewing of certain users from particular countries.

Whenever you search the web for solutions you may discover various approaches for you to bypass restrictions for viewing YouTube online. A lot of the solution may offer temporary access, while there are those that in fact do not work at all!

Youtube blocked

Why is this happening? Let’s go over the culprit. YouTube checks the viewer’s IP address, automatically looks it up and finds the country, and compares this against the allowed listings. In case the country is on the list of the user’s permitted to watch the video, otherwise, an error message is flashed noting that the video is not available in the user’s country.

So, what are my remedies if I am residing in a country where access is blocked? Do not worry; I have here strategies you can use to unblock access to YouTube so you can view any streamable media to your heart’s content.

If you are one of the user’s whose country is restricted from accessing YouTube, you can try the following:

1. Utilize VPN for YouTube viewing

VPN or Virtual Private Network provides a secure connection between computer systems. The essential facet of VPN is that all web services and sites shall communicate with the IP of the VPN, which will route the traffic to the user’s PC. The IP of the VPN must be located in a country where access to YouTube is allowed.

VPNs frequently provide access to various servers to minimize the latency. We have been making use of HideMyAss, ibVPN, or PureVPN in our random tests. They are great VPN services and offer servers in the US and UK so you have access to blocked videos.

Virtual private networks are great to watch videos hassle-free. The free VPN solutions are usually very restrictive and slow. Setup and signup make this an elegant but time-consuming option to unblock Youtube videos.

2. Download the video you like

You can use several video downloading plugins for various browsers in order to accomplish this. YouTube video downloaders abound on the Internet these days, so get hold of one and enjoy all streamable content that you want. Now, you can download the videos to your local computer and watch from there. Just make sure that the website offering the service must be hosted in a country white-listed on YouTube.

3. Web Proxy

Web proxy refers to a proxy on websites that rest between the user’s computer and the target site. Deciding on a web proxy from the right country should, in theory, be sufficient to play videos that are blocked within the user’s country.

A lot of web proxies, on the contrary, do not work. So far, out of the numerous web proxies that we have tried only a select few have been working.

The downside of using a proxy server to unblock Youtube is the fact that all data will be routed through servers only for as long as the proxy works and is active in the browser. This can be a problem, especially if your Internet connection is slow. It is likewise highly probable that proxy servers intercept data from your computer and utilize it for some nefarious activities online.


From above, it can be gleaned that your best choice would be using VPN to unblock YouTube. It’s safer, faster, and guarantees more up time using servers from countries where access is allowed.