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It has been more than one month since the Hide IP Tools & VPN Mega Christmas Giveaway campaign is closed and I finally had some time to put together some hide IP statistics.

The overall results are quite amazing:

  • 245 licenses were given away valued at $8,638.
  • 2,542 comments were posted.
  • The giveaway posts were visited 16,142 times.
  • There were 229 winners.

Taking these figures into account I’d say that the giveaway was a real success. Below you can find more detailed hide IP statistics. I hope you will find them interesting.

Products Stats

In the period December 1st, 2009 – December 22nd, 2009 there were given away 245 licenses for 22 products in total value of $8,638. As it can be seen in the plot below Anonymity Network gave away the highest number of licenses (30) followed by Hide My Ass (20) and Smart Hide (20).

Hide IP Statistics License No

As far as the giveaway value is concerned the first place is taken by Cryptocloud ($1,668) and Torrent freedom ($1,688) followed by HideIpVPN ($990) and Anonymity Network ($774).

Hide IP Statistics Giveaway Value

Further, users were more interested in HideIpVPN (290 comments, 1,335 views), Cryptocloud (221 comments, 980 views), Torrent Freedom (123 comments, 1,071 views) and 12VPN (132 comments, 1,151 views).

Hide IP Statistics Comments

Hide IP Statistics Views

Users Stats

The users who commented to win were almost from everywhere. Here are two charts, with commentator’s distribution per region and per country. These charts are of course affected by those users who changed their IP addresses.

Hide IP Statistics Commentators

Hide IP Statistics Commentators Country

Winners Stats

Next, here is the distribution of winners per region and per country. In comparison with the previous charts, the distribution is a little bit changed because the duplicates were removed before designating the winners.

Hide IP Statistics Winners

Hide IP Statistics Winners Country

Thanks to the providers

Finally, I want to thank all hide IP and VPN providers that were part of this action. It was a great experience working closely with them and I hope we will work together more giveaways and great offers.

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  • kingpin Jan 26, 2010

    Dear HideIpAdmin,
    WOW!The figures really do speak out,but obviously all my heart-full thanks and appreciation goes to YOU and finally to all the generous HIDE IP and VPN providers.To me last month giveaway was totally a unforgettable moment and a gr8 ride.Once again thanks so much for revealing the highly detailed statistics,sure looks like a lot work and efforts were put in.

  • HideIP Admin Jan 27, 2010

    @kingpin – Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

  • mohsen Jan 27, 2010

    hi,thanks again for your great giveaway,
    by the way i think some of your statics which refer to ameria is actually referring to iran,since your website is filtered in iran,and they must have used an american proxy.

  • 12vpn Jan 27, 2010

    Given the large interest in our services, we’ve decided to give a 5% discount to all HideIP readers who sign up before March 1st 2010.

    Please use promo code HIDEIP when signing up.

    Website: https://12vpn.com/

  • Vick Jan 27, 2010

    It’s realy grea tgiveaway. Today we need to browse safely.

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