Update: Hide The IP application is no longer available. Take a look at other hide IP tools.

One of the goals of this blog is to review various hide IP tools that are available on the market and offer useful guidelines for those seeking online anonymity. Today, it’s time to take a look to Hide The IP, an application that I’ve added some time ago in the list of hiding IP tools, but never had the time to evaluate it.

Hide The IP main features

Hide The IP is a nice and effective application that is able to change your real Internet address while browsing the Web. The software delivers fresh anonymous proxy servers every time you activate the program.Hide The IP Box

Hide The IP allows you to:

How to run Hide The IP

Firstly, you have to download and install Hide The IP. If you are running Vista you need to have admin rights for your account. Next, start hiding your IP address.

Hide The IP 2009

You’ll get a fake IP address and all browsers configured to use it. The user interface lets you select the type of proxy you want to use (Transparent, Anonymous or Elite) and the speed. In the trial version you can not choose the location/country of the proxy, so you get a random IP address every time you press the refresh button.

Hide The IP 2009 Change

Advanced options

Advanced options are also available:

  • Surf without cookies
  • Hide referer info
  • Change user agent
  • Disable browser cache

Hide The IP 2009 Options

Pros and Cons of Hide The IP


  • Effective hide IP tool
  • The proxies are fast
  • Works with all browsers smoothly
  • There are proxies from various countries like Poland, Austria, Germany, Thailand, Serbia, Jordan.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface.
  • It has a premium service that exposes private faster speed servers.


  • Only 3 days of free trial.
  • During trial server/proxy changes are limited and the country location is disabled.

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