How to Bypass Chatroulette Ban

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The new version of Chatroulette is quite restrictive and bans users for various, unknown reasons. Learn how to bypass Chatroulette ban.

There are no official announcements explaining the banning process, but the Chatroulette terms of service state unequivocally that the access to the service can be restricted anytime without notice:

Chatroulette reserves the right, at its sole discretion, immediately and without notice, to suspend or terminate your access to the Web site, Content, or Services or any part thereof for any reason, including without limitation any breach by you of these Terms. You agree that Chatroulette shall not be liable to you or any third party for any such suspension or termination.

The reason for concern is that Chatroulette seems to snap a picture and store the image of every user along with the corresponding IP address. Based on this info users who are reported (using the “Complain” button) receive a temporary ban.

Bypass Chatroulette ban

How long is temporary? Based on users reports it could be minutes or hours, but appears to vary significantly. It is probably due to a manual review by moderators that have access to associated logs (images, IP address, location, etc.). Users who are violating the service’s terms may receive a permanent ban.

Important! This is not official information, simply conclusions and opinions based on the data available.

How to bypass the Chatroulette ban

The solution to unban Chatroulette is to change your IP address. It is also recommended to protect your privacy while connected.

There are many hide/change IP solutions but, probably the best one is by connecting to a VPN service. VPNs provide a secure, encrypted tunnel between you and the company renting the VPN, thus hiding your real IP address.

You can choose between free, ad-based, VPN solutions like Hotspot Shield or paid VPNs like ExpressVPN, ibVPN(read our complete ibVPN review), NordVPNHideMyAssPrivate Internet Access (read our complete review here), and PureVPN. There VPN service providers provide premium service with various locations, unlimited bandwidth, money back guarantee, easy to use applications, mobile apps, various VPN protocols options, and high speed.

After you get access to such a service, all you have to do is to make sure you connect to a VPN server before loading the Chatroulette site.

Can you use proxies to unban yourself?

Yes, proxies can be used to unblock Chatroulette. However, web proxies may not work properly with Chatroulette. However, open proxies may do the trick. You may find them on various proxy lists.

A more straightforward approach is to install a free Chrome extension. With a few clicks, you may install a proxy extension and change your public IP address easily and start video chatting.


The conclusion is that it’s not difficult to bypass Chatroulette ban. For your own safety and privacy, you should hide your IP address everytime you access chat roulette.

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  • magnum May 27, 2011

    its not just ip stored and ‘dirty’ cookie
    i’ve got connected with other ip and have removed cookies
    and i’m still banned and reported with the same “stored_id”

    I wonder how they atributte this stored_id.

  • MaDeX3 Aug 8, 2011


  • osssman Aug 25, 2011

    Hi, guys.

    I love Chatroulette, but I wanted to be able to access it through my favorite chat software (iChat and Gmail).

    So I wrote my own stranger chat app that works over Google Talk (if you have Gmail, you already have Google Talk).

    Try it out here:

    I’d love to know what you think!

  • Jaka Sep 30, 2011
  • Jack Jan 10, 2012

    Make sure you clear local storage. Right click on a Chatroulette window, select settings and click on the folder icon. Drag the meter to 0kb, which will prompt a warning about Chatroulette information being revomed from your computer. This is what you want. Click OK and reload the page with a new IP..

  • Daenerys Cauchy Feb 1, 2012

    Now exploit you can unban yourself follow instructions here no need to change ip or anything

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