Let’s take a very different perspective on this following article, would you?

Most of the times, as a customer, you are given a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing a VPN service. But this scenario is assuming that you are already convinced that you need to have a VPN solution, which means that you have already done some homework and decided it’d be a great solution to one of your problems.

On this article, let’s assume that you don’t even know that a VPN service creative can be a solution to one of your problems, so let’s see things the other way round – let’s start by problems you may have as a user, and see how a VPN service can come handy.

1- You are living abroad and want to access some online resources that are only available to residents of your home country

We are living in a very mobile world now, and you may be away from your own country (be it for travel purposes, or long-term work). It happens that you are homesick. It even happens that there’s that TV show that only your local TV is broadcasting. Let’s say for example that you are a British person traveling to Canada for a few weeks.

There comes a time where you want to watch your favorite BBC program and where you wish you were in the comfort of your home and ready to watch it…You know that BBC iPlayer TV is giving you a way to watch the last 7 days shows online … but you’ve got to be in the UK to benefit from it…

Now you wish you were in England, that’s your problem. And guess what? You can pretend to be in England by using a VPN service creative. Now all you have to do is choose a VPN service that offers UK-based IP addresses, grab some coffee and whatever you like having while watching TV, launch the VPN client, then launch BBC iPlayer.

2- Participate in online sweepstakes

Now let’s say that you are a regular online-deal-hunter. You are surely aware that there’s a lot of sweepstakes and online deals out there that are only limited to one region (usually in developed countries and in big cities).

Let’s say that you are based in Denmark and that the sweepstake is limited to US people.  You know that you can’t “bid” on sweepstakes where the prizes need to be physically sent to your home address – however electronic gifts (amazon gift cards, coupons, …) are perfect for you since all you get is an electronic code that can be redeemed online…

If only you could pretend that you are a US-based person. Bling bling… VPN is your solution. Have your online e-mail address ready, choose a VPN solution, launch it, then enter the sweepstake – if you won, the instructions for redeeming the prize will be sent to your e-mail address…

Those are only a few ideas for using a VPN service creative, now, tell us how you use a VPN service in the comment section.