After writing about 15 VPN services that can be used to watch British TV shows over the internet, I start reviewing VPN services one by one. Today, StrongVPN!

StrongVPN is one of the best and reliable VPN services on the market. American based company, established in 1995, StrongVPN ensures your VPN service is fast wherever you are in the world.

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Why should you consider a VPN when hiding your IP address?

  • You get full anonymity
  • Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses an Internet Connection)
  • Fast internet connection
  • You are protected against your ISP

If you consider trying a VPN service, Strong VPN is a good choice. Besides the speed that is impressive, StrongVPN steps out of the line with the various locations of the servers. There are 264 servers in 19 countries around the world.

More than that, the service guarantees:

  • 99% service uptime
  • Complete anonymity
  • High-speed connection
  • No bandwidth limitation 1 Gbit/s Connection
  • 24x7x365 Live Help, Skype, Help Desk, and Phone Support by quality technicians

The prices for the premium packages start from $4.58/month.

Most of the VPN providers offer a small range of IPs and servers, but if you are in need of more, StrongVPN is the real solution. With over 3835 IPs on 92 servers in 12 countries, StrongVPN is, at this time, unbeatable! Learn about the StrongVPN plans and packages.

StrongVPN plans

Strong VPN offers a number of plans with different pricing based on how many cities/country you want access to and provide two types of accounts:

  • PPTP accounts – give you access to only their PPTP/L2TP servers
  • OpenVPN accounts – give you access to both PPTP/L2TP and OpenVPN servers.

The difference between PPTP and OpenVPN is that PPTP accounts are easier to set up and costs less. But some ISPs block PPTP. In that case, you will need an OpenVPN account. OpenVPN is also more secure compared to PPTP.

Every VPN account from StrongVPN has a number of free “switching” included. These switchings allow you to change the VPN server you are using. For example, if your account comes with US and UK VPN servers and your account is on a US server now, using a “switching” quota you can change your access to a UK server. Beyond a fixed free switching quota, you can have more switches for additional payment.

StrongVPN plans – “PREMIUM” package

Another package called “PREMIUM” at $30/mo gives you access to all their servers. It includes US VPN, UK VPN, Netherlands VPN, Canada VPN, Germany VPN, Hong Kong VPN, Switzerland VPN, Norway VPN, Russia VPN, Luxembourg VPN, France VPN, and Malaysia VPN. You do need to utilize the “switching” quota to switch between the VPNs though.

So, if you are looking for a “truly” strong VPN service then StrongVPN is the solution.

StrongVPN Windows VPN Client – Main features

StrongVPN has announced its Windows VPN client that would help users connect easier and faster. The application is long waited by the StrongVPN users, as most of the other VPN providers have one (take HideMyAss for example). Learn about the StrongVPN Windows VPN Client.

The StrongVPN Dialer is very straightforward with few options and no unnecessary settings. Just enter your login info, choose one server from the server list and connect. That’s it!

StrongVPN Windows VPN Client

A nice feature of the dialer is the Switcher that tests several servers (available for your subscription) and allows you to switch to the fastest. It is worth noting that StrongVPN limits the number of free switches.

StrongVPN Windows VPN Client Switcher

You can download the StrongVPN client from their website. It’s still in beta, so it may not work 100% accurate and also other features may be added to the final version.

How to setup StrongVPN with OpenVPN on Linksys WRT54GL + DD-WRT Firmware

This tutorial shows how to setup StrongVPN on a Linksys WRT54GL router with DD-WRT firmware. Step by step StrongVPN DD-WRT tutorial.

Three steps are needed before starting: you must download both software and a file.

1. Download NotePad + + => more convenient than the Windows Notepad, more ergonomic.
2. Download Putty => Will not connect via SSH to your router and install the file.
3. Ask the support of  StrongVPN file to configure a router with  DD-WRT firmware => This file installs the OpenVPN on your router.

Router Configuration

Log into your router ( with your Login and Password.  In the Services tab / / Services, Secure Shell and System log must be enabled (Enabled).


Then in the Administration tab // Management, you enable SSH Management and reboot the router.

dd-wrt strongvpn

Configuration via Putty

After installing Putty, in Host Name, put your local address of the router.  Here it is


Then click Open, a security window will open, and then you click YES. A DOS window opens it and puts your login and password for the router.

Putty StrongVPN

Then copy & paste this famous file.  Confirm with Enter.  Close the window, reboot your router.

In order to stop OpenVPN copy this script: killall openvpn in your command line (Administration tab // Commands).

It is quick and easy to configure, the speed and configuration are stable. StrongVPN through their script provides a simple and effective solution.  If you want a router with DD-WRT firmware in OpenVPN, enjoy StrongVPN and its OpenVPN offer to $ 10 per month (less than $ 100 for the year).

StrongVPN alternatives

Even if StrongVPN is one of the top VPN providers you may have your reasons to leave StrongVPN and search for other VPN providers. Some users complain about the support. The response time is long and some questions are never answered. If you do look for alternatives, take a look at 7 Good StrongVPN Alternatives post.

Have you tried the new StrongVPN Windows VPN Client? Did you find it useful? let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Have you tried it? What do you think of it? Let us know!

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