This post lists the best StrongVPN alternatives for browsing the Internet securely and privately. If you know other good VPN providers, please share them in the comments.

StrongVPN, the American based company established in 1995, is one of the best and reliable VPN services on the market. The number of servers and locations is imposing. Servers located in US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada are available.

StrongVPN Alternatives

Why would you look for StrongVPN alternatives?

Even if StrongVPN is one of the top VPN providers, you may have your reasons to leave StrongVPN and search for other VPN providers. Some users complain about the support. The response time is long, and some questions are never answered.

How to look for alternatives?

Firstly, you should analyze your experience with StrongVPN and make your mind on what you need. Do you need faster reply to your tickets or faster connection speed? Is the price an issue? If so, you may find cheaper providers.

Secondly, take a look at the list below or just search Google. You will find plenty of StrongVPN alternatives. Do not jump on the first one that looks good! Take your time and look for user reviews and reviews written by bloggers. These will help you make an informed choice.

7 StrongVPN alternatives – Top VPN providers

If you are looking for StrongVPN options, I have selected several VPN services that have an extended number of servers, offer excellent support, and the price is lower that StrongVPN for similar service.

VPN ProviderCountriesPricePros
HideMyAssUSA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Romania, and many more.$11.32/monthExcellent service, colossal server network
ibVPNUSA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria, and many more.$4.95/monthGood price, excellent support
PureVPNUSA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Luxembourg, etc.$9.95/monthA large number of servers, good service
HideIpVPNUSA, UK, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Poland$5.95/monthGood price, excellent support, good servers
ExpressVPNUSA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany,  France, Hong Kong, etc.from $12.95/monthFair price, excellent support
PrivateInternetAccessUSA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Luxembourg, etc.$6.95/monthGood price, good support
VyprVPNUSA, UK, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, etc.$9.99/monthGood price, good servers

Additional tips

StrongVPN provides access to a large number of servers/locations, and it offers an excellent service. When switching to an alternative provider, it may happen that you are not happy. Or maybe, you are not satisfied with the support or connection speed.

To prevent any hassle, my advice is to create a trial account first (if the provider allows it) or create a subscription for the smallest period available (one or 3 months). Thus, you will be able to thoroughly test the alternative service before committing to a more extended billing agreement.

Please share your experience StrongVPN and its alternatives in the comments below.