US iTunes Account

This post explains how to create a US iTunes account from anywhere in the World. Follow the tutorial and enjoy a wide array of privileges and various media selections for download online.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a complete entertainment web portal which consists of an unending list of music, movies, games, and hard to find apps which you can conveniently purchase and download online. It is a known fact that Apple has by far the most stringent rules and regulations when it comes to preventing any fraudulent acts and thereby protecting their US-based loyal clientele.iTunes VPN

Despite the fact that there are other nationalities who are free to own an iTunes account, however, only the US-based iTunes account enjoy a wide array of privileges and has various media selections for download online. They enjoy a vast list of movies, music, apps, and even iBooks titles for iPad compared with the rest of subscribers from across the world!

How to get a US-based billing address

US iTunes only accepts a US-based billing address. So, what is your solution to get a US iTunes account? Simple: get the US Unlocked card!

For those of you who have not heard of this card yet, this is a virtual pre-loaded Discover debit card that comes with a US billing address. This virtual card costs merely $10 to get started. Once you have loaded the card together with the desired amount, you may begin making online payments using it. With iTunes, nonetheless, we have discovered that the balance of the card needs to be at least $51 for the virtual card to be accepted during the account enrollment. Also, the use of IP masking tool is very much necessary!

The US Unblocked – Step by Step tutorial

To get started, here is your step by step guide to get a US iTunes account:

Step # 1: Register with US Unlocked, in case you have to yet secure one.

Step #2: Pay for your US Unlocked Card membership by paying $10 via Paypal.

Step #3: Once you have been assigned a virtual card which usually takes one day, load your card with any desired amount. Take note however that you must load at least $57 to make your card work as maintenance fees will be subsequently deducted once your registration has been completed. Reloading can be done via Paypal too. In case you will use your iTunes account right away for a particular purchase or download, you ought to have a maintaining balance consisting of the purchase cost and $51 on your virtual card.

Step #4: As soon as funds have cleared, you will get a notification from NXpay, you may then proceed to register your card in your iTunes account:

  • In order for you to enter the iTunes site, utilise the a VPN for iTunes in this case.
  • Begin by registering a new iTunes account using your new US Billing address from your virtual card.


As soon as iTunes prompts ‘please, enter a valid security code,’ this simply means that they are not accepting your virtual card. Be sure to do these basic troubleshooting:

  • Is your current card balance $51?
  • Have you signed up using a VPN?
  • Did you fill up all the necessary data as needed and as provided for by your US Unlocked Card?
  • Have you used an email address that belies your current location (i.e. instead of .com it has .cn, .ph, .sg, etc.)?
  • Have you ever logged out of your existing local iTunes account on your computer, if any?
  • Also, be sure to clear your browser cookies and cache before anything else.

In case the answer to all these questions are in the affirmative, and yet you are still unable to register your credit card:

  • Were there any other card payment attempts on your part made within the last 48 hours? If yes, that merchant may have placed a temporary ‘hold’ on your funds, hence causing your available funds to be insufficient or fall below the $51 dollar minimum.

If this is the case: promptly contact so they can assist you with your prepaid credit card.


Should you be among the few lucky people who have made successful registration to iTunes utilizing US Unlocked card without any hassles, we’d love to hear from your experience. Feel free to share with us any valuable information about creating a US iTunes account by leaving your comments below.