If you’re into using proxies then you know that your computer and your privacy can be vulnerable to some people’s actions. To protect yourself you need to make sure you are using safe proxies, where the owner has you in mind and not himself. Learn about the proxy list Samair.ru.

What can you find on Samair?

With this website I found, you can search for almost anything to do with proxy and SOCKS lists. It has a feature so that you can search for all the newest and up to date proxy and SOCKS sites, this way you won’t have to worry about finding new sites that work.

Regular updates and fresh proxies

The site does this for you and it is updated every day. If you have already found a good proxy and you have the IP address then you can also punch it into the site and it will take you there. If you’re worried about the security of your computer and privacy you can complete searches which will give you information on the sites. Sam Air prides themselves on offering the best up to date security that they can possibly offer for all proxies.

What to choose?

If you need to use a proxy site then you will want to use this site to find out which one is safest and best fit for your computer. I personally use this site almost every day so that I can get to the sites I want too while in school. I also use the proxies they list when I want to have a more private connection to the internet. Sam Air offers this, and best of the entire site is all completely free to use. They maintain the site through ads which is a small price for us all to have to suffer. I suggest checking out the features on this site the need time you have a few minutes of free time.

How to set up a proxy

Here is how to use a proxy in order to hide your IP:

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