There are many ways to hide your IP Address (IP for Internet Protocol), but the most common method is to use a proxy site.  A proxy site is a website that allows for you to tunnel around your Internet Provider and to access the Internet without logging your IP address.

This is much like the proxy settings found on your computer.  Instead of a website, proxy settings are meant to serve as a security barrier between your internal network and the Internet community.  This way, you can prevent others on the Internet from accessing the information in your internal network.

Browse the Internet without being traced

As I said before, a proxy site is a bit different than these proxy settings.  A proxy site provides a way for you to browse the internet without being traced. Many proxy sites have a search bar type feature that allows you to type in the web address, once you do this, the proxy site will automatically generate the site you wanted on its server.  After that, you do not have to do anything else but browse the website as you would normally do without the proxy.

This may not seem as if it is needed to some people, but if you’re the sort of person who frequently connects to the Internet at work or school, then you know how much this could be of help to you.  This simple precaution may mean the difference between getting that referral for surfing games or porn at school; it could mean the difference between losing that job you’ve worked so hard to get, it could even mean the difference between keeping your lover because of some small incident you had on the Internet.

Remember to use a proxy site the next time you access the Internet at work, school, or just when you’re doing something a little too naughty for your good.  A simple precaution can make all the difference.  Use your favorite search engine to find a good proxy site that fits your tastes.  In the next article, we will cover the different types of proxy sites.

What is PHProxy?

PHProxy website is a proxy will offer you an entry field, where you enter the HTTP address of the website you would like to connect to.

Phproxy site example
But it does not only hide your identity, but it also does other things like removes all the client-side scripts (scripts that should run on your computer) but still allows HTTP cookies. Other features that a PHProxy script offers by default are: it shows images and refers websites in HTTP headers, strips meta HTML tags and the website’s title, and it opens the entered URL in a new window.

The benefits of using a PHProxy

With that, you will be able to use YoutubeFacebook, MySpace, or other websites that are often blocked. It should not be that way, and this is why there are so many PHProxy scripts out there to use for free.

How to find a PHProxy

If you would like to use such a script you should look for one on the Internet. There are millions of them free to use. And they are straightforward to use because all you have to do is to enter a website’s address into the entry field and you will be taken to the website. Or you may find them on proxy lists like xRoxy.

What is CGIProxy?

CGIProxy will not only conceal your identity, but it also gives you the highest amount of protection. Because it blocks most of the Client-side scripts, it gives you all the protection that you need. You will have no cookiesno scriptsno ads, and no referrers and with that, you can be sure that the website you are visiting is not collecting any information from you.

CGIProxy Script

This can also mean that something that you would typically use on websites may not work or may not work in the way they are supposed to work. If the cookies are not stored on your computer, you will not be able to use shopping baskets in web stores because the information should be stored on your computer.

The benefits of using a CGIProxy

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you will be able to connect to websites that have been blocked for you, if you use a CGIProxy. This means that if your school has blocked access to Facebook or similar websites, you can use such a script to connect to it. Same goes for any other websites that you should not access because someone other things like that, but you do not agree.

You should never use such scripts to perform any illegal activities, but if you are concerned about your safety on the Internet, then a CGIProxy is a great way to protect yourself.

How to find a CGIProxy

To find CGI proxies, you may perform a Google search. Or you may find them on proxy lists like xRoxy.

Install your own proxy

If you have access to a web server, you may install your CGIProxy. Download the CGI proxy and proceed with the setup. You will end up with your CGIProxy that can you can share with your friends. Enjoy!

Here is a proxy site that we recommend: