Do you need for whatever reason to change your IP address? This article presents 7 options you may try to get a new IP address.

Before you begin


  • If you have a static IP address these options do not apply. You should call your ISP and ask them to change your IP address.
  • Before trying to change your IP, always delete your browser cookies.

How to easily change your IP address

Here is how you can do this.

Option 1 (for dial-up connection): try a different access number

If you have a dial-up connection, try using a different access number. That will most probably change your IP address.

Option 2 (for cable/DSL connection): use IPCONFIG

For Cable/DSL (no router) internet connections, go to Start menu, type in cmd and hit Enter. Then type ipconfig /release and hit Enter. Further type ipconfig /renew and hit Enter.

Option 3 (for cable/DSL connection): Obtain an IP address automatically

If #2 did not work and you are using Cable/DSL (no router), then you should try this: go to Start menu, type in cmd and hit Enter. Then type ipconfig /release and hit Enter.

Then right-click on your Local Area Connection and choose Properties. Double click on Internet Protocol TCP/IP. Click Use the following IP address and enter for the IP and for the subnet mask. Click OK, and then again OK. Go back to the previous dialog box and instead of Use the following IP address choose to Obtain an IP address automatically.

Option 4 (for routers): change the MAC address of the router

If you are using a router with your Cable/DSL connection, log in to the control panel of your router and change your MAC address by decreasing or increasing the last digit by 1. After you did that you should disconnect and reconnect using the control panel interface of the router. You will probably get a new IP address.

Option 5 (for routers): release IP address

If none of the above-suggested solutions worked, go to Start menu, type in cmd and hit Enter. Then type ipconfig /release and hit Enter. If you are using a router, log in to the router control panel and release the IP. Then, turn off your router, modem for several hours (for example, overnight).

Option 6: call ISP

If nothing has worked, call or email your ISP and tell them you experience some problems 🙂 with your current IP address and you need a new one. They will be able to change your IP address or guide you how to do it.

Option 7: use a hide IP software

If you need to change your IP frequently (e.g., every 10 minutes, or every hour) you should try to hide IP software like Invisible Browsing, IP Hider, etc. Here is the list of such software that we recommend. Also, I recommend you read the following post on how to rotate IP addresses.

I hope these solutions will help you! If you have other suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us.

Happy Surfing!